Get More with Deluxe!




Upgrade to a Deluxe Membership for as little as $3.75 a month, and enjoy all the advantages Deluxe has to offer!

Deluxe gives you MORE!


MORE activities

  • Kinzville Academy classes
  • Employment Office jobs
  • Deluxe Challenges
  • Deluxe Daily Activities


MORE Games

  • Deluxe Arcade Games
  • Tournament Arena Games
  • Webkinz Stadium Competitions & Deluxe Stadium Trophies


MORE Shopping

  • Curio Shop
  • KinzStyle Shop


MORE Personalization

  • KinzChat Customization
  • KinzPost Stationery
  • MyPage Taglines & Badges


MORE Free Stuff

  • Monthly Gift Boxes
  • Deluxe Membership Hat
  • Monthly KinzCash
  • eStore Virtual Pet*

*with 1 Year Deluxe Membership


MORE Access

  • Vacation Island
  • ¬†Zumwhere
  • Magical Forest


MORE EStore Advantages

  • Discounted pricing
  • Exclusive Pets
  • Exclusive Themes and Items

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  1. 54135murphy says:

    i love deluxe! i got a membership and i love it! but i wish you could go to the store and buy the game cards to get a membership on webkinz instead of paying online!

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