Get Your Key to Kinzville

Great news from Webkinz World Headquarters! We listened to your suggestions and now you can get your Key to Kinzville faster than before! We’ve changed the Shopping Tasks by allowing you to pass level one by spending 1000 KinzCash at the W Shop, and level two by spending 3000 more KinzCash at the W Shop. To get through your Gaming Tasks, you need to head over to the Arcade and earn 100 KinzCash, then 400 more KinzCash (for a total of 500) then 1000 more (for a total of 1500) and finally, 2000 more (for a total of 3500 KinzCash). You’ll be through all five levels in no time! Have fun!

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  1. DoodleBug says:

    Nice. I’ve almost completed this. Just need the LAST one!

    From ***DoodleBug*****

  2. harrythecat says:

    hello i have earned the key to kinz ville in 3 weeks after it came out why dont i get to do that?

  3. Gleason14 says:

    I got the key to kinzville months ago. The hardest part was getting the gaming path finished.

  4. none says:

    i am at a boarding school and it wont let me add friends or any thing that is social!!! what should i do

  5. pepsi lady says:

    If anyone thinks this is hard,thier nutz!

  6. soccergirl33 says:

    I’m posting really late. lol But I’m so glad Ganz did this. It’ll make things so much easier! People were complaining to much. They’re just being selfish! Ganz didn’t have to do this, but they did because they knew how hard it was on the younger children. I agree with purplerox. I’m glad that several others were ok about it though! Now maybe I can finally complete it. :)

  7. gimmealatte says:

    Madison, your friend will be able to do stuff once she completes the Key to Kinzville. Ganz isn’t going to change because one girl is sick, because there’s a million other people who enjoy doing it.

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Get Your Key to Kinzville

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