Gingerkinz Theme in Webkinz Next

A limited edition premium Holiday theme!

The adorable Gingerkinz theme is back this year! You can purchase this theme for Diamonds from the W Shop. Collect 10 gingerbread-inspired items, available exclusively for the Holidays.

Which of these items do you think is the sweetest?

8 Responses to Gingerkinz Theme in Webkinz Next

  1. webkinzwizard02 says:

    Love this theme! I bought everything except the dividers since I divide sections of the room with furniture and the bed since I have the gingerpup bed. It matches nicely with this theme!

  2. astreich001 says:

    i wish old themes and clothes would return for those of us who just started next. like the holiday wishes theme. it seems like once the season is up its gone forever. i started to like next but the themes are limited

    • minnottes says:

      The Hokiday Wishes theme was only available through a capsule last year (I kept trying and trying for the piano and finally succeeded Christmas morning), and they actually did bring it back as a mystery capsule prize during one of the seasons. The Gingerkinz theme was available I believe the first year, so it has already returned this year :) The Stardust theme was only available through capsules and it also made a return during the Starlight Sleepover season so there’s a good chance Holiday Wishes might be back sometime too.

  3. frog601 says:

    the chest and wardrobe. rest are meh.

  4. kaye10 says:

    this theme makes me feel claustrophobic. sry. best, k.

  5. Flappyseals says:

    The wallpaper is so cute! Thinking about getting it!

  6. RRB says:

    Adorable holiday theme! I already purchased the wall paper. I was hoping it could be send to Classic, but could not. Are any items in this theme sendable to Webkinz Classic?

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