Gumball Tree in the Park!

Ella McWoof

Gumball Tree

Goody Gumballs! Now there’s a new Candy Tree and this time it’s the Gumball Tree! The Munchkins insist it wasn’t them, and they’re trying to figure out who is planting these candy trees. Apparently there is a mysterious cave at the Clubhouse that they think might have something to do with it. There is a path of candy leading to a Monstrous Cave and every time you click on the Monstrous Cave you get a free candy tile that you can place in your pets’ room!

Gumball Tree

But for now, everyone can stop by the Park and pick up a FREE Rainbow Gumball!

Gumball Tree

The Gumball Tree is another one of the awesome Candy Trees that are available at Ganz eStore. When you plant them at your pets’ home, Candy Trees give out a free candy every day!

15 Responses to Gumball Tree in the Park!

  1. HappyBear7181 says:

    where can I find the candies from the candy tree to feed to my pet.

  2. nanamama12 says:

    I wonder if there is a Money Tree like in SIMS?

  3. Sparklegirl560 says:

    Ok so webkinz I bought 7,500 estore points and I never got them. I emailed ganz and I still didn’t get a response or anything from them and I really want to buy something with my estore points

  4. kaye10 says:

    here we go again –I already own this tree… could you please put in a tree I do not already have ;) best, k.

  5. spootyquackers says:

    I think its Sophie selling the trees in the park, why else would they disappear so fast?

  6. nanamama12 says:

    Lots of pretty colours!!!

  7. twinners1 says:

    Maybe the noble elk is doing all of this as a prank!!!

  8. blackball says:

    Great idea to have different trees every few days. We can see the tree and how it looks in the set. Now I know which one I want to get for my game.

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