Halloween Events in Webkinz Next!


On now!


Halloween in Webkinz Next features two exciting events and several new exclusive items!



The Ghost Hunt

The Ghost Hunt is brand new to Webkinz Next. From October 22-31, look for the ghost around Kinzville and in the Mines. Catch it to earn exclusive costume pieces.




The ghost only appears in one spot at a time for a short period. So, if you see it, make sure you tell everyone in Kinzville!




The Trick or Treat Event

From Oct 22-Oct 31, visit Trick or Treat stands around Kinzville and click on them to earn random candy. There are four new candies added to the prize pool this year. Can you collect all nine varieties?



Halloween Mystery Capsule

The Halloween Mystery Capsule is available in the W Shop for diamonds. Collect exclusive spooky plants that can be placed indoors and outdoors. And, collect cool indoor furniture for your Halloween collection!




New Costumes!

Costumes are back with two new varieties: The Super Hero and Robin Hood. Which one is your favorite?





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53 Responses to Halloween Events in Webkinz Next!

  1. Quilter says:

    Please fix! I have found the ghost a very few times during this event. I have waited, patiently and not so patiently, and never found it. Also, I have been on this morning playing and got a connection issue and logged out three times in twelve minutes. It is sure is hard to play when things don’t work properly. I hope you can get it fixed quickly. Thank you.

  2. bonesbongo says:

    THANK YOU! for finally getting the GHOST working properly. These events are always fun when everything is working. The events are not enjoyable when constantly being logged out from server problems, and when you do find the ghost after waiting for so long clicking on it doesn’t even award a prize. Players loose interest quickly.

  3. kaye10 says:

    oo oo (physically raising my hand!): just thought of a question from reading a comment above when i saw people actually play NEXT on mobile. wow. here’s my issue: i have noticed on the mobile app that when logging off, ONE COULD VERY EASILY DELETE THEIR ENTIRE WEBKINZ ACCOUNT! (pls add about a thousand exclamations!). can you PLEASE SUGGEST that this particular screen be rearranged so that “log out” and “DELETE ACCOUNT” are not an accident waiting to happen (cliche apologies)? thanks very much & best, k.

  4. kaye10 says:

    wow this ghost event is the most exciting thing i have seen since before covid!! (oops, sorry i said the bad word!). this is really a fun event. EXCEPT, we get so many repeats, it will take every day of this event to get all 6 items, & likely was planned that way–or so i hope that i will in fact get them all, AND also hope i can get customer service to remove the repeats. i love being minimalist, but also–the storage units seem to have a limit so would be amazing to be able to sell any extras & not have to bother those nice people @ CS ;) best, k.

  5. himtnlady says:

    Is anyone having problems get Webkinz Next to load? I keep getting the msg – lost connection with game server. This needs to be fixed!!!

    • nettne2 says:

      yes It happens constantly with mine. I have tried everything I can possibly do to try to find and fix the problem. i cannot on my end and all other apps and games on my pc work great. I have been having problems more then a month now and since the last update i cant stay logged in long before im logged out. I hope this is fixed soon. I did email about it and waiting for a response.

  6. bonesbongo says:

    I was able to find the ghost earlier had to wait along time though before it appeared, now when I find it I’m not able to click on it no clothing prize being awarded. It it taking a long time for the game to load.

  7. leaveitnow41s says:

    What in the world is happening? Found the ghost 3 times this morning but the third time it would click. I logged out and now it’s saying WRONG USERNAME/PASSWORD!!!

  8. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Why does the connection issue constantly happen?? Next is also EXTREMELY laggy.

  9. bonesbongo says:

    IS THE GHOST APPEARING this afternoon? I looked for over 45 minutes did not see one ghost anywhere seems to be the same complaint from many players. Still getting logged out x4 during this time connection issues lost connection with game server when is this going to be fixed?

  10. GabbieDaoust says:

    I haven’t seen the ghost since Saturday on mobile and desktop. Is there a solution?

    • THUREE says:

      If you hang out with the group, asking, someone is likely to respond. It sometimes take awhile. Follow the crowd when they scatter, if you miss the short chat.

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