Happy Player Appreciation Day!


Happy Player Appreciation Day! I’m so excited to announce that this month we are giving away THREE Player Appreciation Prizes – three pieces of the adorable White Chocolate Egg costume!


Here’s how to get your costume:

white chocolate egg suit

  1. Log into Webkinz.com today, April 14, 2019, and your White Chocolate Egg Suit will be added to your Dock.
    white chocolate egg suit
  2. Visit Ganz eStoretoday, April 14, 2019, and look for the ad at the top of the page to get your free code for a White Chocolate Egg Hat.white chocolate egg suit
  3. Get your free code for White Chocolate Egg Shoes here:



You can redeem these codes in the Code Shop on webkinz.com. Codes award one item per Webkinz account and expire at midnight EST on June 30, 2019.


Your pets will look sweet in this adorable costume!


So fab. So fun.


73 Responses to Happy Player Appreciation Day!

  1. Alphaowlbear says:

    Yesterday morning, the Estore code was at the top of the first page, just like it was advertised to be. Since I was using my IPad at the time, I took a screenshot of it. Later in the day, the ad with the code was gone and replaced with a promo ad for a Diamond Wardrobe. Sally, may I please put the code here in the comments since it was supposed to be a community code for everyone?

  2. tuxkitty1 says:

    I couldn’t find the egg hat either.

  3. hdresden says:

    Didn’t see anything at the eStore.

  4. suzanneauntie says:

    I looked everywhere for the white chocolate egg hat. I found the bunny with the hat on, and it said not sold separately. I clicked on it and it didn’t have a code. I must have gone in 10 different times but couldn’t find a code. A huge thank you to all the players for helping out and telling us where to look. I’m so disappointed cause I found the hat, but couldn’t get the code! It’s very frustrating!!

  5. trigger50 says:

    no egg hat looked 5 times today

  6. wolfX4 says:

    An hints on finding the egg hat at the Ganz eStore?

  7. purplesquirrel90 says:

    Found it~ replies weren’t showing up when I checked… Thanks!

  8. sweetcv says:

    can’t seem to find the egg code either…..I hope they fix that or put a code here. Sad….

  9. annie4055 says:

    can’t find the egg hat

  10. chargoholic46 says:

    Can’t find it the egg hat too. Disappointing.

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