Haunted High Ends Tomorrow!

Can you reach the end of the Season by Oct 31?


Haunted High is almost over!

Have you won your Diamond Giftbox yet? Drag it into your room and click on it to reveal one random premium item.


If you’re still working on earning prizes, remember, you can always use Diamonds to skip levels.

And, you can purchase a Season Pass for $6.99 USD at any time.

Season Pass Holders earn extra prizes including a Franken Locker, Webbed Window, and the grand prize a Haunted Roadster.

Which Haunted High prize is YOUR favorite?

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4 Responses to Haunted High Ends Tomorrow!

  1. booreeves says:

    I bought the season pass but I didn’t get the stuff that I needed and wanted and one of the item on the Season pa@ was a purple couch and Sally Can you please bring the Purple Couch back from the Haunted High season and I’m going to design a purple and Fushia room for you so we can ad it to Wshop on Webkinz Next

  2. wingsfan65 says:

    It was the first time I bought the deluxe-prize version of the Season’s Pass and with the extra diamonds I got with the package, was able to get the Haunted Roadster, which I absolutely love :)

  3. catgirl3004 says:

    I definitely won’t, kind of a bummer. It’s hard to log in consistently now compared to when I was playing ten years ago. I’m still glad to see that the total points were lowered, even if I didn’t make it this season!

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