Help Pick Our Next Room Theme!


It seems a little silly to start thinking about Halloween in July, but we have to plan ahead! We will be adding a new Halloween room theme to the W Shop on October 1st and we need your help to decide which one to add.



You have 3 themes to choose from and on July 24th, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite. The theme that receives the most votes from the Webkinz Newz community will be added to the W Shop on October 1st.


Here’s the catch… you’ll only be able to look at a concept drawing from each theme to decide which one to vote for. Look over each concept drawing carefully, because once the winning theme has been decided, the concept drawing will be used as inspiration for the rest of the items that will be included in the theme.


The first theme you have to choose from is the Glampire theme. This theme would include furniture that would be found in a teenage vampire’s room. Think pink, glitter and the undead! Here’s a look at the concept drawing for the Glampire room theme:



Trick or Treat Street is your next choice. This would be an outdoor room theme featuring home fronts and furniture decorated for Halloween. Here’s a look at the concept drawing for a bench that would be included in the theme:



Your third choice is the Cauldron Cafe room theme. This theme would consist of items that would be found in a restaurant or cafe that caters to witches and wizards. Expect a lot of weathered wood and spider webs! Here’s a look at a booth seat that would be included in the theme:



You can vote for your favorite Halloween room theme from July 24th – July 25th (ending at midnight, EST), right here on Webkinz Newz. Once the winning theme has been determined, make sure you check Webkinz Newz often, because we’ll be posting concept drawings of each item as they are being created, allowing you to offer feedback before the finals items are made.


Which theme will you be voting for? Let us know in the comment section below…


229 Responses to Help Pick Our Next Room Theme!

  1. clara64 says:

    Oh DEFINITELY Trick or Treat Street ALL THE WAY!

  2. OliviaGraceParra says:


  3. Scorpio says:

    This was so hard for me to choose, but I randomly chose Glampire, I would really like all three for us to buy??!!

  4. guppie52 says:

    I vote for Glampire

  5. 2diamonds12 says:

    Positively Glampire or Cauldron Cafe. I really love both of theese.

  6. Elizzieb5 says:

    Trick or treat street!

  7. Longislander says:

    Definitely The Trick or Treat Street!! So much could be done with it for Halloween or Fall! The other 2 themes look great too but I can create similar themes with other Webkinz items, including past Halloween items.

  8. luv2shopgirl says:

    Cauldron Cafe!

  9. punkedoodle says:

    Trick or Treat Street, please!

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