Holiday Spark Baby Showcase – Easter Edition

As you know, I’ve been pretty excited to try to spark a jackalope. I adopted a bunny (Jack) and spring fawn (Lope) and made myself wait until today to try to spark a special Easter Jackalope!
Well, readers, I did not achieve my goal. But it looks like I wasn’t the only one that tried!

There were three babies by Opal Oceanmist sparking a bunny and a spring fawn, so I can only assume they were also trying for the jackalope! This little fawn has pretty subtle body coloring, more noticeable from the back, and absolutely gorgeous lil deer antlers!

I love the color combination on this unicorn! The intense blue is courtesy of some piggie background, and I think it looks just gorgeous with the soft pastels the unicorns usually come with.

Opal Oceanmists’s second sparking today has more subtle coloring, but the antlers and rainbow flair are very pretty, and the purple tulip pet patch is a wonderful way to mark spring!

And it looks like Opal Oceanmist’s third attempt got the jackalope! Look at this adorable baby. There’s some very subtle tiger stripes on the back and the brown eyes just make this bunny so cute. I am very envious but congratulations!

This lil deer baby wasn’t my first spark (I got a limited edition pig!), but while I am sad that I didn’t get a jackalope, I thought the heart pattern on this baby was so sweet. The coloring is pretty natural for the most part, except for those cute little rainbow ears. I love having the bunny’s pet patch on this baby, too. Lovely spring pet!

Look at this cool lion baby! I knew we’d be getting some unusual looking pets soon and I am not disappointed. This is such a cute combinations of neutrals and greens — and I love that this baby got the elephant’s pet patch! What a cute little peanut!

So, one reason I can live with my disappointment over not getting a jackalope is this baby! I got a green spring fawn and I am in love! Check out the ears, too — such a cool color.

We’re finishing up our special edition baby showcase with this showstopper! Just look at the colors on this baby lion — absolutely beautiful. What a great baby to spark on a holiday!
Here’s the Adoption Certificates for my holiday sparked babies — this is one Easter I will not forget!

Did you spark any holiday babies today? Upload them to the share center or tag me on social media — I’d love to see them!
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14 Responses to Holiday Spark Baby Showcase – Easter Edition

  1. birdfolks says:

    I have a question, only once did I see any of the pets online in new acct. discounted, at that time it was half price for the day, Never again did I see a discount, also I really thought when we used our spark pets it wouldn’t cost more since we already paid the those, but its $80 diamonds. during this weekly progress calendar I noticed because my pet graduated to kid and not baby , I was unable to complete some tasks, afraid to buy another to be able to do those takes not know if will help me or hurt me doing it in mid competition. Hope you can help me understand. birdfolks

  2. KSC says:

    @Sally, I love the names you gave to your pets!

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Sorry you didn’t get the jackelope! =( But aww, that black deer is so cute!

  4. currey13 says:

    Thanks for showcasing my little unicorn crossed with a piggy!

  5. OtterPikaLove says:

    Sally, maybe when Proserpina grows up, you can spark her with a cat and get a green cat!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      We’ll see if I have the patience! Red Zephyr’s well on their way to growing up and I don’t know if I want to wait extra long for this one to group lol

      • OtterPikaLove says:

        You know, patience pays off! I wanted a rainbow unicorn since the beginning (it was the reason I started playing Next), but I am not the kind of person who spends tons of money on the game. I spark my babies from diamond rewards, so I didn’t just go do lots of sparking right away. On Christmas, I got two rare pets (I decided to give myself a little treat, and did the holiday bundle deal) and decided to wait for them to grow up… and when they did… I got a RAINBOW UNICRON! YES!!!! :) But, back to the point, maybe you could just use one or two of Red Zephyr’s sparks right away and save one for Proserpina.

        • catloverdoglover says:

          Congrats on getting the rainbow unicorn! I dont have lots of patience either, but if that patience means I will get a SUPER or ULTRA rare unicorn, ofc I will wait! I have 4 rare unicorns and 3 uncommon unicorns and 1 common one! I love the unicorns as you can tell. I hope Sally will get the pets she wants soon!

          • OtterPikaLove says:

            that is the only unicorn baby I have got that is the unicorn shape, and it can’t spark babies, which makes me kind of mad. I have sparked four babies with unicorns (I bought two).

  6. catloverdoglover says:

    Im sorry Sally that you didnt get the jackalope, or a green cat. I hope you will soon though!

  7. EgK says:

    Sally, I’m sorry you didn’t get your jackalope! I saw you in the adoption center. I was the one with the purple moon bear with giraffe horns. Also, you have the two same redemption pets as me. I named my pig Pigsicle( it’s a pig and it has a popsicle pet patch!), and my rainbow retriever
    Rainbow ( duh! ). Anyway, i love your fawns! I love the rainbow addition to them! They’re so cute. They are lovely Easter presents. Congrats to everyone who got featured! Unfortunately, I won’t be sparking any babies today. I don’t have enough diamonds! Only have twelve. I spent all of them buying a unicorn on unicorn day!I really want a panda plush for my birthday. And congrats especially to my friend Ghost Darkshadow that I only sent a friend request to today! Happy Easter everyone!!!

  8. OtterPikaLove says:

    I am so sorry you didn’t get the jackalope! :( Maybe you’ll get one some other time.

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