Hot Dogs Available at Ganz eStore!

This July in Webkinz Classic you can collect condiments that you can combine on a stove to make Kinzville Hot Dogs!


And if you’re not in the mood for cooking, you can swing by Ganz eStore where you can purchase Hot Dog 6-Packs!


Each time you feed a Kinzville Hot Dog to your pet you earn an awesome prize!



15 Responses to Hot Dogs Available at Ganz eStore!

  1. annm2990 says:

    Okay, I’m SO excited I got the cheeseburger costume after getting multiple condiment caddies. Its not very good odds to get costume pieces that match in the random item bags and boxes. I get disappointed when I get one part of each costume. I like it better when they come as sets. Wish you could buy the missing parts. The costumes are always my favorite. Thanks, Ganz!!

  2. Flyerdream says:

    Im gonna wear the mustard outfit if I get it!! Wonder what shoes would go with mustard?

  3. frozenelsa5 says:

    These outfits are so cute!!!!!

  4. frozenanna2 says:


  5. TRINSTER says:

    I love the soda can — it’s such a pretty shade of yellow and it’s a good size!

  6. emster7 says:

    Just realized those hats would go with the cheeseburger and chili cheese dog costumes too.

  7. Duckcall says:

    Please let the ketchup bottle come by a little quicker.

    • bonesbongo says:

      This is the QUICKEST I have seen floating items in a while I LOVE IT. I have not waited more than 1-2 minutes, the ketchup bottles have been appearing on all of my accounts. THANK YOU GANZ! ;} ~ shelkinz67

      • lilmarie2013 says:

        bonesbingo. Hey hey ikr! This is the quickest I’ve ever seen a floater go by. I’ve actually missed a few as I was in the middle of something loading and couldn’t click on it. But then it came right back. :)

  8. gingerdare says:

    Speaking of eStore….can we not put pet buddies on wheels? Or if you do, can we have the option of trading them in for eStore points or sending them to people who really want them? I have 7 panda pet buddies and really no place to put them.

    • lilmarie2013 says:

      Webkinz has reported that the buddies break kinz post so that’s why they can’t be traded. The only thing you can to get rid of them is to email and ask to have them removed from your account.

    • Blue57Star says:

      Agreed. I understand them not being kinzpostable but would still prefer pet buddies not on wheels. The panda buddy has been on the deluxe wheel at least once before, and I already had multiple but keep on winning them. I’d prefer pet buddies to be available via challenges or something else optional rather than getting more than I could possibly have use for simply from spinning the wheel of deluxe.

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