How Cool! It’s the New Mystical Mouse!

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The Webkinz Mystical Mouse will be available at Ganz eStore starting July 15, 2011!

108 Responses to How Cool! It’s the New Mystical Mouse!

  1. luv2dance says:

    rly kewl love the mind reader idea!! i’m just not an estore user :( wish i was they get so many benefits!

  2. Shadowbuddy says:

    I LOVE THAT MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I entered the contest and i hope I win but good luck to all the other people out there who entered it!

    Shadow buddy disappears………..

  3. Sophia says:

    omg so cute! to bad my mom or dad get me ecoins.

  4. pippy says:

    that’s so cute but to bad i don’t have any estore points. :(

  5. Blooper9206 says:

    This pet rocks! I finally got enough money to buy one today! I named it comet.

  6. an123v says:

    I have like 20 dollars so im gonna uy that lil’ cutie hs small and just so cute !!!!!

  7. MistyHeart says:

    I luv it! but, wasn’t there a mystical mouse contest?! I know I signed up 4 it! where is the results?


  8. Cutiepops says:

    Its ADORABLE:!: . But I prefur the mistletoe mouse :)

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