Weekend Round-Up

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Tell us your top 10 favorite camp activities and you could win a virtual Rooster in time for August! Open all July.
Keep your eyes open this Saturday for the special SPREE ad! Click on it once a day to win a bonus roll for SPREE!
Play our Summer Fun Peek-A-Newz Challenge between July 8 and July 20 to win a summer prize. Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.
Want to win some bonus SPREE rolls? Visit @webkinz on Twitter this Saturday between 2pm and 3pm and answer trivia!

34 Responses to Weekend Round-Up

  1. cottencandy2002 says:

    i love spree and i love getting bonus spree rolls

  2. Ilovethedells says:

    I was here for quite awhile on Saturday, more than once, but the Spree ad never appeared. :o(

  3. bedo4 says:

    Did anyone find a Spree ad on Saturday? I was on at various times during the day and never saw it.

  4. Blackleopard says:

    Favorite camping activities: Walks in forest; tree bark sliding down hills; playing in the creek and fishing in the creek; telling ghost stories; learning to cook our own campfire meals; learning how to survive in the wilderness on our own; going on “what have I found” walks learning about the plants, animals, rocks, etc.; making smores at the campfire; making up our own shadow stories to tell at the camp fire using sheets and flashlights; getting to know each other better and making new friends; learning how to leave our camp as if noone was ever there.

  5. Blackleopard says:

    What happened to the spree ad for Saturday? We spent the entire day looking through ALL of Webkinz Newz and it did not appear. Nor did it appear in the main area to do daily activities.

  6. heartache says:

    Did anyone see the Spree Ad, I didn’t see it once.

  7. adkehn says:

    wow free spree rolls

  8. Scott says:

    still no Spree ads. None playing Webkinz either.

  9. Scudbud says:

    I have been on for almost 2 hours and have not seen any spree ads!!!

  10. Izzyblue says:

    Is anyone else having truoblie finding the free spree roll?

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