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Hey Webkinz friends. Guess what? Amanda Panda totally figured out that I was faking feeling sick to avoid practicing for the St. Bernard Camp Games.

Aside from being TOTALLY embarrassed, I kind of feel better now that I don’t have to pretend anymore. In fact, Amanda had all kinds of good advice for me. Amanda likes being active, but she’s not HUGELY into sports. She said that if sports make me nervous, I should remember:

  • The Camp Games ARE supposed to be fun. It’s not the end of the world if I goof up or trip on my own two feet.
  • Not everyone is a professional athlete. The goal is to be active and stay healthy (and again, have fun), not win a championship.
  • I’m good at lots of other things – even if I’m not GREAT at sports, I am GREAT at writing and drawing and singing. And being a good friend.
  • You can always improve. Even if you’re not good at something right away, don’t give up. Friends are willing to help and the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

So, with all of that in mind, I decided I’d enter three events in the Games.

1.       The obstacle course – this one is the scariest for me, because I’m sure I’ll fall. Amanda says it’s important to overcome my fears. So I’ll practice on this one a ton.

2.       The archery tournament – Amanda said she’d help me learn to hit the target (even if I don’t get a bulls eye).

3.       Rock paper scissors – I think this event was MADE for me – I’m great at this game!


I’m going to participate – and I’m going to practice ahead of time. I’ll tell you one thing – it’ll be WAAAAY more fun than sitting alone in the cabin!


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  1. magicplastic says:

    Way to go! Hope you have lots of fun and that you’ll learn something new. Good luck in the Camp games, Roberta, that’s the way to do it!

    Randomly yours,

    - magicplastic

  2. MackyFlower says:

    its good she chose to participate, and she needs to know that she isnt the only kinz who isnt good at sports! i am sure there is another kinz at camp that feels the same way. good luck Roberta

  3. Little Miss SUNSHINE says:


  4. Chelsea says:

    Go Roberta! :D i hope you win the one that you are scared off the most!! – Chelsea.

  5. Webkinzrocks22 says:

    Good luck with the games Roberta! Don’t be scared you’ll do great. Good job Amanda! You save the day for Roberta! You’re awesome!

  6. PrettyBirdie says:

    Thatta girl, Roberta!

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