Weekend Round-Up

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Tell us your top 10 favorite camp activities and you could win a virtual Rooster in time for August! Open all July.
Keep your eyes open this Saturday for the special SPREE ad! Click on it once a day to win a bonus roll for SPREE!
Play our Summer Fun Peek-A-Newz Challenge between July 8 and July 20 to win a summer prize. Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.
Want to win some bonus SPREE rolls? Visit @webkinz on Twitter this Saturday between 2pm and 3pm and answer trivia!

34 Responses to Weekend Round-Up

  1. moon beam says:

    been on for some time now i have not seen a spree ad

  2. bedo4 says:

    I’ve been on here for quite a while and I still haven’t seen the Spree Ad. What’s up?

  3. gymnast8476555 says:

    Totally going 2 enter the rooster contest! I love camp!!!!! It’s a great contest!

  4. BOISEQUEEN says:

    Wow, if only ganz was AFORDABLE!!!!

  5. SNIFF says:

    i want a water slide

  6. SquirrelFlight loves this weekend roundup thingy says:

    I like these weekend roundup things, because I am sooo forgetful, so I need this friendly reminder about all the contests and stuff! Lol I can’t wait until they annoce the winners of the Webkinz collection contest! I want to win so badly! If I win, I would pick the retired pegasus as my prize. NOT THE GOLDEN PEGASUS! The pink pegasus that came WAY before the golden pegasus. What would you pick? -SquirrelFlight ☻☻☻

    • SquirrelFlight's #1 FAN! says:

      Hey SquirrelFlight! I have a terrible memory too! If I win I would pick the Cheeky Dog or the Love Puppy. Which one do you think I should choose? If I win, of course! You rock SquirrelFlight! Keep up the great comments! P.S. Should I make a signature?

    • SquirrelFlight 2 fan says:

      Of course you should make a signature! Signatures are so fun! Use alt and the numbers on the right of your keyboard to make some cool emoticans and stuff. I think the Love Puppy and the Cheeky Dog are both great pets! Personally though, I would go with the Cheeky Dog. But, it’s up to you! -SquirrelFlight ☻☻☻

  7. puppy! says:

    i won a counce shell! i hate it i am sending it to a freind. If you want to bee freinds my user name is cheybrit2

  8. HarryPotter#1FAN! says:

    Lots and lots of FUN stuff to do!!! :) ;) :P :O :( :I ;(

  9. balletgirl1646 says:


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