How Important is Family Score to you?



We want to hear your thoughts on Family Score in Webkinz Next! Next time you log into Webkinz Next, if you haven’t already, please take a moment to complete our pop-up survey.
We’d also love to hear your thoughts about Family Score in the comments below!  Your feedback is so important to us and helps us make decisions about the game!
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46 Responses to How Important is Family Score to you?

  1. duff428 says:

    I have been playing for many years. I like the opportunity to receive prizes for playing. Ganz has done a nice job of offering unique prizes for Family Score on both Classic and Next. FS is not a challenge but a number that increases to show that I am enjoying the game. When it matters most to me is on Next when there is an event that requires gathering something from other players. When a number of friends are on, I look for higher family scores as those players are more apt to reply quicker than a friend with a lower family score.

  2. steeler86fan says:

    I enjoy getting new prizes from it, but I don’t necessarily pay too much attention when I’m not working towards something!

  3. caseyspacey says:

    Family Score is not that important to me since i passed the 19 million mark, but i keep just going up for no reason at all. XD

  4. P00KA2 says:

    Hi, it seems a lot of people posting here missed the announcement of future new prizes with family score on Next. I am really looking forward to them :) and it makes my family score more important ! Also, it’s nice to see other members scores, it gives you an idea how long and how much they’ve been playing :)

  5. pipperroo2 says:

    it’s not important anymore because I got all the prizes so there is no point to getting my score any higher. please either add more prizes or have it reset so you can go from zero to 10,000 multiple times.

  6. craig456 says:

    I really like the family score in both games. After a lot of hard work and time invested, I managed to receive all the family score prizes in Classic. Actually, my Classic family score just recently rolled past 900,000, and I’m hoping to reach a million one day! I have also received all the family score prizes in Next, and am looking forward to additional prizes being added in the future. Thank you, Webkinz!

  7. memsrjoan says:

    The family score is not important to me at all since I have maxed out of the prizes. The new awards in the Arcade are the same. Once you have them, there isn’t an incentive to keep going. I think I have all of them except for Lily Padz, which I don’t like to play. I do really like Next. You are doing some great stuff.

  8. frogwoman09 says:

    Family score is the reason the game is set up this way. I believe the prizes should be updated as far out as the highest scorer in the game, so we don’t have to wait 10 years for the new prizes. (classic) I received the last prize so many years ago, I don’t even know when. I’ve been playing since year 1 and a half. I started with the very first spotted frog ( gee I was ecstatic that you had a frog. please update classic as well. I am so addicted I can’t even tell you and I’m a grandma.

  9. davids1lilpixie says:

    To me at least, it’s not very important at all and frankly, considering the entitled pet demands are tied to it, I’ll make the same suggestion that I did more than a decade ago: Give us a way to opt out of the pet demands and/or family score. Frankly, I’d have opted out of the both the pet demands and the family score years ago, in Classic, had I been given away to do so. I stated in comments years ago, when the pet demands were first enacted (and after I might add an unscientific and impromptu survey was done then, of which I’ll point out we never were told the results of that survey, only that the powers that be decided to keep them and of which few players/customers at the time liked it for very, very few player/customers like it.) Ganz wants to keep it, keep it but, again I will reiterate…. give us a way to opt out of it! Please!

  10. leaveitnow41s says:

    I have over 300,000 family score points on Next now. I’m looking forward to more prizes. I continue to grow my family and I like new stuff.

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