How’s Your Flower Collection Going?


The Flower Collection Event is in full swing this spring!


Between May 1-31, you can click on the Flower Collection Event icon in your room, ask your friends and search for Flowers! Collect all 40 to win a gorgeous grand prize, the Spring Blooms Fountain!


Plus, check out these cute prizes you can win along the way:


Bloomin’ Garden Divider

Potted Pink Lily

Signs of Spring Dress


Have a blast!


121 Responses to How’s Your Flower Collection Going?

  1. littlegirl12343 says:

    I have not got any of the prizes

  2. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I only have 3 more to go!!! :D PLEASE FRIENDS! SEND ME FLOWERS!!! ;)

  3. TreeTree123 says:

    I wish i could catch Up. I don’t have ANY prizes.

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