Important Customer Service Announcement


Due to a technical issue, our Customer Service ticketing system has lost some customer requests. If you submitted a ticket to us between noon yesterday (June 17th) and noon today (June 18th), could you please re-submit your request? It will be looked into just as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Webkinz Consumer Support


47 Responses to Important Customer Service Announcement

  1. lexi5338 says:

    Hey Ganz, could you please let us webkinz players, actually write our mail. (From kinzpost)? If you could, that would be soooooo awesome. Thanks.

  2. zeph317 says:

    I have contacted Webkinz Support twice, asking for stars that took me years to save playing “Star Search” to be reinstated after most of them suddenly disappeared. I, too, received a canned response that was not helpful. If Webkinz Support reads this, will you please help? I had, I believe, 9 Frost Flakes – and that was the least amount of any. There were big numbers of some of the others. Now I have no Frost Flakes at all, though the start-up screen shows “21/21″.

  3. cheech says:

    not sure if this one will make it on webkinz support sucked ,well way to go wenkinz you made it even harder to get help who of thought it could get any worse vonnidee

  4. adara917 says:

    webkinz is always so responsible and lets us know about everything!

  5. PUGTONY3 says:

    I semt a request about a week and a half ago for my forgotten password. I sent the information that is needed as well…I still have yet to recieve a reply. I also resent it. Could you please advise why this has happened please? Thanks :)

  6. webbielover926 says:

    I am so happy I did not send in a ticket, but I am sorry for the people who did .

  7. kitkat1 says:

    Wow, yeah, that would be So nice! I always liked to be able to speak to a real person. Now we seem to just get “canned” answers back that often don’t really help. Please bring back the call-in line! :)

  8. Lilly1 says:

    thank you Gennelle for answering what a ticket was. Now I understand.

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