Introducing: Bonus Growths!


Are you tired of waiting for your baby’s growth moments? Good news! Growing up just got easier!


We’ve designed a new Bonus Growth Meter to help you achieve your baby’s growth moments. Once an hour, visit your baby and show them a little care in order to fill your bonus growth meter. Play with them, feed them or play their favorite lullaby and you will gain one stripe in your growth meter. Fill the meter to achieve a growth moment!


Since you can only achieve one bonus growth moment every hour, we’ve designed a color-coded system to help guide your effort. If the care buttons are green, you have a bonus growth moment available!



Select any button to care for your baby and watch your bonus growth meter fill!

If the buttons are orange, you have already achieved your bonus growth for the hour. You are still free to interact with your baby when the buttons are orange. It just won’t count towards your baby’s growth moments.



But don’t worry, you can come back in an hour and the buttons will be green again!


There is no limit to how many bonus growths you can achieve in a day. Fulfill fifteen of them to achieve a growth moment!


Now, interacting with your baby is a rewarding experience for you and your baby! Your baby’s growth is in your hands.

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17 Responses to Introducing: Bonus Growths!

  1. redcream says:

    do we have to fill meter above its head

  2. EgK says:

    I have two babies that I got to make because I got 330 Diamonds and an Ornament Car for Christmas! What a special gift! I got to make an Uncommon Moon Bear and a Rare Limited Addition Pig. I’m really happy with how they turned out! Now they’re both in my nursery! If you would like to see them, you got to be friends with Rainbow Oceanwinter 0!

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Ahh, so this is what it’s for! My babies are so grumpy..

    • KSC says:

      My baby is also often grumpy. I feel bad because even when I play with her, she still stays grumpy. I admit I laugh when I feed her and see those angry eyes glaring at me over the bottle!

  4. Zooooooz says:

    I have a question…what is the diaper button for? I’ve never been able to click on it?

  5. Gramps says:

    Does the meter re-set daily and start over?

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