Introducing Tulip Tuesdays!

Everything’s coming up tulips!


Every Tuesday until April 12 lovely new offers will be sprouting up in Ganz eStore! We will be featuring some classic Lil pets as well as a new item or two. You can find these offers every Tuesday in Ganz eStore and in the W Shop in the Tulip Tuesdays section!



After they’ve been picked from the Tulip Tuesday section, you will be able to find these items in the Spring Celebrations Section in Ganz eStore. Easter items will only be available until the end of March!



Week 1



2014 Lil Orange Goat

2014 Lil Pink Goat

2014 Lil Purple Goat

2015 Lil Purple Spring Corgi

2015 Lil Pink Spring Corgi

2015 Lil Yellow Spring Corgi


2012 Lil Piglet Green

2012 Lil Piglet Blue

2012 Lil Piglet Purple




Coming Up…


Week 2




2011 Lil Lamb Purple

2011 Lil Lamb Pink

2011 Lil Lamb Blue


2013 Lil Green Duckling

2013 Lil Yellow Duckling

2013 Lil Purple Duckling


Week 3



2009 Spring Celebration Bunny

2010 Lil Springtime Chick Purple

2010 Lil Springtime Chick Blue

2010 Lil Springtime Chick Yellow

73 Responses to Introducing Tulip Tuesdays!

  1. kinzklipfan says:

    This might be a dumb question, but do the Lil’ Ducklets, Lambs, Piglets, etc. turn out as Lil’ Kinz or regular big Kinz? I was reading the other comments which said that sometimes they turn out big from the W-Shop. Are they always Lil’ Kinz from the eStore?

  2. kitkat8765 says:

    @Sally Webkinz Since e-store coins can be sent to Webkinz accts., isn’t there a way to send them from Webkinz to the e-store? And, I know it is really none of my business, but is there a reason that people buy e-store coins in Webkinz, but not the e-store? They are the same price, aren’t they? Just curiosity. :)

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      There is no way to send eStore points back to your eStore account, no.

      • Hhayes says:

        Yes! The Springtime Chick’s are coming back! I loved those adorable chicks! :O :D

        • TaffyKitty12 says:

          Hey kitkat8765 (great username by the way! Kit Kats are one of my favorite candies :) ) I buy my estore points from the w shop, not the estore. Now, I’m not sure if this applies to others, but there’s a reason why I do that. You see, I want to buy estore points for the Ganz estore since there’s more products to buy, but I kinda can’t. To buy them from there, you have to use a credit card. You used to be able to use an estore points card, but sadly I found out that those don’t work there anymore :/ the codes on those only work at the w shop estore. Anywho, my parents don’t really want to use their credit card to buy me points, so I can’t really get them from there. I can, however, buy them for the w shop estore since theres more ways to buy ‘em from there other than using a credit card. At the w shop, I can use an estore points card, or, on the mobile app, I can use the money on my iTunes gift card to buy points. Again, not sure if this applies to everyone, but that is the reason why I buy mine on Webkinz, not at the Ganz estore. Hope this helped! :)

      • kaela0214 says:

        @Sally Webkinz I have a estore point code and want to redeem them but the estore shop to redeem it is not available anymore. How do I redeem them?

  3. shuggylay says:

    Ooh! I really hope that I’ll be able to buy the Spring Celebration Bunny. I’ve wanted one for years! If I get her, I’ll be naming her April.

  4. bronco22 says:

    How does this work, the pets are only available on tuesdays? in that case i would have to wait another week

  5. bronco22 says:

    Are these estore only? i didn’t find them at the wshop and thats where all my points are.

    • TaffyKitty12 says:

      Sadly, yes, they’re only available at the Ganz estore :( However, yesterday the lil spring corgis were at the w shop, but they got taken down because it was a mistake. I guess I’m glad I got my lil yellow corgi when I did yesterday or else I wouldn’t have been able to get it. Anywho, yeah, sadly none of the lil to eye are available at the w shop. I know how you feel. All of my points are at the w shop estore to :/

  6. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    Sally, would you happen to know if the Olympus Phoenix will be added to the W-Shop like the other Deluxe pets? They’re normally added to the W-Shop pretty soon after they’re released, but that pet hasn’t shown up yet.

  7. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    SWEET!!!!!! I have been HOPING the Lil’ Purple Piglet would come back!!! YES!!!! I’m going to get him as soon as I take care of my other pets!! Thank you, Ganz!!! :D

  8. silverbone13 says:

    Plz tell if you can get lil ducks back in wshop as little kinz

  9. silverbone13 says:

    You got the lil dogs in wshop??? why are they there if there turning out big???

  10. silverbone13 says:

    Could you run another test with the green lily ducks in the wshop cause i would love to get one of those lily duck but i would want it to be a little kinz ?

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