Let’s Build: An Ice Palace Bedroom!


Hey guys, I’m back with another Let’s Build video! This time I build 2 versions of a royal bedroom you’d find in a magical ice palace! I build the 1st version using items from the W-Shop and Curio Shop. For the second version, I swap out some of the items with eStore items and take the room to the next level:



SPECIAL UPDATE: All the items I used to build the second version of this room are available in a bundle at the eStore. CLICK HERE to check it out!


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95 Responses to Let’s Build: An Ice Palace Bedroom!

  1. mollymanolis says:

    Please tell me if this a medium or large room?! does anybody know?

  2. essagirl2 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! this room is amazing, and I really like that fireplace :) is it still available?

  3. kidzbopbredia says:

    I think they should make something better there are way more ideas out there. It still is a nice design and all but they can do better its just my thoughts. But still it is a really good room. They should make a fashion club or something but i have already invented that or a runway room like the club house it was my favorite room there so they should put it back. But still good job guys! :)

  4. lex2874 says:

    You’re welcome! I love making rooms, and these videos show some great ways to make them! ;)

  5. treebabe says:

    Dear Michael, I love how you make these rooms. You put items in places I would never think of. Also, I think when I’m making my rooms that too much stuff just crowds the room, but when you crowd the room with stuff it looks great. I just wish that you didn’t use so much Deluxe and e-store items (I can’t get that stuff). P.S. – I think that you should do a spa next time. I made a spa and I really like it, but I want to see how you would do it. Please Reply, Thanks!!!!!!!!

  6. EpicRaisins says:

    Whoah. I love!

  7. kidzbopbredia says:

    I am also happy that I am webkinz deluxe

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