Look for the Vampire Panther Pop in October!


The adorable Vampire Panther Cub is new to Webkinz World! This cute little cub just loves Halloween! So much so, that it will be handing out yummy Vampire Panther Pops all month! Look for this cute candy floating around Webkinz World and click on it to have one added to your Dock!

The best thing about this spookily sweet prize? You can use the Vampire Panther Pop in recipes to make pieces of the new Vampire Panther costume! Find the recipes here!


Deluxe players can collect up to 3 Vampire Panther Pops a day, while free and full players can collect up to 2!

35 Responses to Look for the Vampire Panther Pop in October!

  1. raysgirl says:

    Are they still floating after the update? I have not seen any since update on 10/21/2020 Thanks for checking into this.

  2. Tomaycia says:

    If i buy a pet with my e store points will it extend my deluxe membership ? Also isn’t deluxe members supposed to get 3000 e store points per month?

  3. Tomaycia says:

    I keep sending e mails to customer service . With no reply. maybe you can help me . I am missing 1000 e store points . where did they go ?

  4. KittyKittyWest says:

    I already made my 5 costume pieces and don’t need any more. I will keep collecting though and give them to all who want them. Just add me under this username.

  5. bigbrown1 says:

    Pops are not floating around. Used to see one at least in the webkinz news area like the acorns last month. What gives?

  6. webkinzbbb says:

    These pops are so stinking cute!

  7. kittenhideout says:

    I was really hoping to make a few of this costume for several pets, I mean it is soooo cute !!! But, the pops just don’t float around as frequently as other things normally do. I have a pattern to taking care of pets, and the 1st floaty almost always comes about the same place in my task rotation, but this one does not. I am usually sitting, staring for a few minutes longer waiting for it to show up. I’ve only been able to get one a day too, before my play time runs out. Even though I wish they would float more often, this means this costume will be just extra rare, and my pets will need to have a contest to determine who gets to wear it !

    • thedandyman says:

      I was wondering if you could make your vampire pops go further by using regular black pants, black Tshirt and the black pirate boots, and only ‘cooking up’ the cap, mask, and wings.

  8. 73kibarry says:

    I’ve only gotten one per day and that’s if I”m lucky :(

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