Master Chef ends on June 3!

Play for free and win awesome prizes!

Master Chef ends in 8 days! Don’t miss out on an entire Season full of chef-ready FREE prizes!

And, if you’ve worked your way through the Season, you may want to consider a Season Pass!

Earn up to 30 extra prizes for the Webkinz kitchen of your pets’ dreams. Of course, one of our favorite prizes this season is the free Chef’s Kiss Emoji.

Have YOU been playing Master Chef? What’s your favorite prize?

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8 Responses to Master Chef ends on June 3!

  1. beanie03 says:

    I am so exited to see this event #imamasterchef

  2. megamom12 says:

    I finished yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to set it up yet.

  3. zdri says:

    Love new recipes, anytime. There are so many vegetables and fruits and no recipes for them, so sad!!!

  4. cr2w says:

    Finished the season today. Started to decorate a Master Chef room and would like a couple more counters like the prize one, but will go shopping and get creative. May use some of the condo items – like the island.

  5. grandmaback says:

    I got the pass and redid my main kitchen. The color is a bit utilitarian but overall its nice. Wall paper is special and the dress is very sparkly. Really happy to have surfaces to decorate and storage. PS thanks for making the wacky wind chimes go inside and outside.

  6. beerfeet says:

    Favorite prize…mmm that is tricky. I really like the counter & sink but I want more counter/cabinet for my kitchen. This should be a recipe. The cappuccino machine was nice. Really love the wallpaper too. I want more of the wallpaper to use in other rooms. Really fine prizes, thanks!

    • kalcan8 says:

      Agreed! Considering that large kitchens need tons of counter space, making counters a recipe is a great idea! I don’t have a favorite yet, but it has been cool making those gourmet high end recipes. I feel like a master chef!

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