Meet November’s Great Cake Cookoff Leader!



Meet the leaders of last month’s Great Cake Cookoff! Above are the winning bakers for November!


Our first place winner, Jade Greenglass_1 will receive a Great Cake Champion Trophy!

4 Responses to Meet November’s Great Cake Cookoff Leader!

  1. 1963 says:

    Congratulations Jade Greenglass.

  2. davids1lilpixie says:

    I’ve tried to play 3 or 4 times now, when it was a part of the challenge a month or so ago. Lol the problem? Every time I clicked on the mixer and began looking for the flour, sugar, eggs and butter, they were invisible. No, literally. I realized the first time I tried to play when I was running around like crazy and even though I did see a single ingredient, my counter was going up for ingredients, hence, I was accidentally running picking up invisible ingredients. I even tried it on my laptop instead of the PC I normally use and encountered the same thing.

  3. cr2w says:

    Wish I could play more, but working or sleeping during available times. Need a 12 am – 1 am time.

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