Meet October’s Great Cake Cookoff Leader!


Meet the leaders of last month’s Great Cake Cookoff! We’ve tabulated the results for October and this bunch baked their way to the top!


Our first place winner, Silk Rosymeadow 2 is October’s recipient of the spectacular Great Cake Champion Trophy!



Congratulations to Silk Rosymeadow 2 and to every player who joined them on the leaderboard!


The leaderboard has now been reset. Grab your chef’s hats and get cooking! Will YOU be November’s winner?





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3 Responses to Meet October’s Great Cake Cookoff Leader!

  1. rachelgirl193 says:

    Well done! You guys must have played a LOT of this to earn this prize.

  2. davids1lilpixie says:

    Lol it was certainly fun to watch, however, what baffled and amused me is that I tried to play 3 different times and each and every time, the ingredients? Were. Invisible. I had to run around randomly and HOPE that I was picking up ingredients because they could not be seen, lol. Undertandably, I gave up.

  3. raggedyann1968 says:

    Big big congrats to EVERYONE!!!! You’ve gotta love cake :)

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