Meet the Frightful Four!


From September 14 to October 31, Ganz eStore is offering a frightfully good deal! The Frightful Four Pack comes with the plush Zombie Pup, the plush Midnight Owl, the plush Black Cat and the plush Spotted Frog, PLUS the spooktacular virtual Ghostly Grand Piano for just $18.99.


The Frightful Four Pack is available in the Ganz eStore from September 14 – October 31.


It’s a frightfully fun offer!

109 Responses to Meet the Frightful Four!

  1. Fellowforge says:

    Nice! Fast delivery, great quality, thank you Ganz!

  2. nicky123 says:

    why is the spotted frog with them it make no sense

  3. stuperstar says:

    I already have the frog and the black cat. But i really want the owl and the i think it a frankie stein dog

  4. banashana says:

    Since at the top it said 99 responses i wanted to be the hundredth person.

  5. girlzluv2play says:

    That’s like $4.75 for each pet! What a steal! I’ll definitely be considering this, and the Zombie Pup is adorable.

  6. webkinzilicious43 says:

    Can’t wait for halloween especially because of this years webkinz halloween items and pets!

  7. dogheart7 says:

    Gurl ur leik kidding meh right?????? How is that frog liek supposed to be leik scary gurl… LOL sorry I was just feeling random :P but really how is that frog scary guys???? Anyone agree with meh???????? OKAY BYE

  8. applebutter14 says:

    how is a spotted bullfrog scary?!?

  9. natalie13 says:

    I have the Owl ! He is cute

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