Meet the Great Cake Cookoff Leaders for May!


Congratulations to last month’s winner in the Webkinz Next Great Cake Cookoff, Emerald Gentlespin 1! A trophy has been added to your Dock!


The leaderboard has been reset for June! Good luck!






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7 Responses to Meet the Great Cake Cookoff Leaders for May!

  1. Alleycats2012 says:

    Please consider changing the leaderboard system for these games. Either make it weekly, make it so the same person cant win the very next month, give prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Anything to make it worth the time put into it. It’s too challenging as it stands and impossible for most to even think about achieving which makes the whole game unfun.

    • starshine145 says:

      Agreed. I have not seen winning two months back to back being a problem for the Great Cake Cookoff, but for Fantastic Flower, the person who is first on the leaderboard currently won last month. Not going to discredit the effort that person puts into the competition, but I feel like everyone needs the chance to win the trophy.

  2. mistermasters says:

    I was just wondering if there is still a bonus Wheel of Wow on even days? I haven’t seen one lately. Maybe I just missed it but it wasn’t posted on X either.

  3. keek907 says:

    Great job, everyone!

  4. gml814 says:

    HELP!!!! This is not a comment about a cake cookoff but i don’t know where to post this. I tried to sign in to my ganz estore acct and got a message saying that it seems I have not used my acct in quite some time so need to contact customer support or set up a new acct. I use that account all the time, and buy stuff constantly! The account has over 92,000 estore points so this is not funny! I immediately sent a letter to I have not heard back. this is very upsetting.

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