Meet the Mayor Starting TODAY at the Kinzville Park!


Hoohoo! Hello my fellow citizens of Kinzville, it’s your mayor, Dr. Quack!


I just love getting away from the formal confines of City Hall to meet my fellow citizens out in the open. That’s why I will be visiting the Kinzville Park starting TODAY— Tuesday, October 9th until Saturday, October 13th. Why don’t you drop by and say “hi”?



I will also be giving out a gift box each day for those who visit. Inside, you’ll find one of these fun prizes, including a NEW newspaper clipping and a NEW collectible coin!





It’s such an honor serving as your mayor. Hope to see you all soon!


Take care, Kinzville!



PLEASE NOTE: This is an “Ads On” event which means that you must have our ads turned on to meet the mayor in the park. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to turn our ads back on if you are using an Ad Blocker.


66 Responses to Meet the Mayor Starting TODAY at the Kinzville Park!

  1. Scorpio says:

    I just won the Halloween challenge and WOW so disappointed in the size of the ghost, the mice we won is much bigger, I thought it was going to be the size of our friendly ghost in the reading room??

    • kaitbug545 says:

      Oh that is sad, I also thought he would be bigger. Well I won’t be as disappointed if I don’t succeed in getting enough playing Pinky’s big adventure. Boy I dislike that game. If I get 4 points at a time I’m doing good LOL I have 27 so far, but I do have all month maybe I’ll get better the more I play.

  2. Amygirl113 says:

    still no Dr. Quack at 10:25am eastern time. Please let us know what is going on, Ganz. Thanks.

  3. frodo says:

    No Dr Quack 10:17 EST here

  4. tiny1955 says:

    10:16 east still NO DOC . GOOD THING when they turn this on it STAYS ON !!

  5. ggram says:

    Still no Dr. Quack at 10:10 am EST

  6. shirlma says:

    still no dr quack

  7. bhart371 says:

    No Dr. Quack yet

  8. criss999 says:

    no dr quack

  9. cgh143 says:

    Just checked, still not there.

  10. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Hi, everyone! The reason why Doctor Quack isn’t showing up yet is probably because it’s too early… Ganz probably has yet to add him in the park, which won’t happen until they open their offices at 9 or 10 EST. No worries, he should be there later this morning!

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