Meet the Next Cake Design Finalists!

Yum! When it comes to cooking up awesome designs, our players sure have the recipe for success. We had such cute cake designs to choose from that it was so hard to choose which ones should make the shortlist (almost as hard as choosing IRL dessert from a menu!)


The winner is going to be turned into a cake or slice of cake that will be a recipe food in Webkinz Next!


After much discussion we have come up with a list of five finalists! The final decision is up to the Creative Dept. at Webkinz Next but we definitely want YOUR feedback to help us choose. Please take some time to review these amazing submissions, and watch Webkinz Newz later in the week when we will put it to a vote!




36 Responses to Meet the Next Cake Design Finalists!

  1. karellano214 says:

    the hidden gem cake!!

  2. Bbysd says:

    they’re all so cute! I especially love the hidden gem cake & wacky surprise

  3. bright1234 says:

    I Agree all are cute , Wacky Surprise is my Favorite also

  4. zullulullu says:

    the Srawbeary bundt cake looks awesome….

  5. spy1995 says:

    The hidden gem cake is the most Webkinz-y to me

  6. mickeymouse419 says:

    i love the hidden gem cake!

  7. constanceclume says:

    They are all so sweet! I love the Hidden Gem Cake explanations. :D

  8. obie987 says:

    I like Wacky Surprise too!

  9. singlesinferno says:

    the strawberry bundt cake is my favorite!

  10. Giving5Joy says:

    All so cute but Wacky Surprise is my favorite.

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