Merry Christmas from Mayor Dr. Quack!


Merry Christmas Kinzville! It’s me again—your mayor, Dr. Quack! It has been quite the first year back in the mayor’s office, and this year we are celebrating Christmas together in TWO Kinzvilles – one in Webkinz Classic and one in Webkinz Next! So, let’s take a look at all the festive fun you can expect today, shall we?



When you log in to Webkinz Classic today on any platform, you’ll receive your 2021 Christmas Gift Box! Inside you’ll find the item you asked SantaKinz for when you visited him in his Clubhouse room. There were 3 to choose from: A Zany Gingerbread Sweater, a Lazy Zum Plushy and a Snowy Retriever Puppy Music Box.


If you didn’t ask him for a specific one, he will still give you his best guess at which one you would have wanted. Each gift box also contains a Festive Cake Pop, a Ms. Santakinz Robe, a Wish Token, and a Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion Box containing 25 Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions that you can use towards adopting this adorable virtual pet!



Speaking of the SantaKinz Clubhouse room, don’t forget to visit one more time today on the Webkinz Classic desktop app to receive your final Countdown to Christmas prize from Ms. Birdy: An Icicle Christmas Tree! If you missed any of the prizes, or want multiples, they can still be picked up today using your eStore Points!



Also on the Webkinz Classic desktop app, visit the Today’s Activities schedule for a spin of the Super Wheel! Here’s a look at all the fun and festive prizes you could win today:



Our Webkinz Classic Deluxe FREE Preview starts TODAY! Running until the end of December, Free and Full Members will have a whole week to experience many of the fun features that our Deluxe Members get to enjoy every day!



You still have until the end of December to pick up your Christmas trees! Here’s a reminder of what’s available this year from the Webkinz Classic WShop:



This year’s Christmas room theme in the WShop is the Mod Holiday theme! This beautiful and bold theme is a marvelous mod way to decorate and celebrate the season! Pick up this terrific theme in the Webkinz Classic WShop until the end of December.



Don’t forget to keep collecting Candy Canes from your friends by visiting the Map of Kinzville on the Webkinz Classic desktop app. Even if you’ve finished collecting all 5 milestone prizes, you can always start over again and keep on collecting until the end of December!



Log in to Webkinz Next today and look in your Message Center for your 2021 Christmas Gift! Inside you’ll find an Amanda Panda Holiday Plush, a Toy Train Set, and a Christmas Fruitcake!



Tomorrow is the last day for the Toy Chase in the Kinzville Park on Webkinz Next! Until Sunday, December 26th, collect the falling toy balls in Kinzville by clicking on them as they roll across the screen. Trade in twenty toy balls at a time to collect cool prizes! There are nine toys in total.



Keep collecting Candy Canes from your friends in the Webkinz Next Kinzville Park until the end of December! Click on the crossed Candy Canes in the park to collect one each day, then send requests to your friends for up to 4 more per day. Keep collecting until midnight, December 31, 2021! This event disappears on January 1.



Collect the Elegant Christmas room theme and the Holiday Silver room theme at the Webkinz Next WShop until the end of December! The Holiday Silver theme is available for Diamonds and can be sent back to Webkinz Classic, while the Elegant Christmas theme can be purchased using KinzCash! Both themes are a fantastically festive way to decorate your pet’s room!




Well, it looks like there’s much to be merry about today in BOTH Webkinz Worlds! I wish all the citizens of Kinzville peace happiness and health today and into the new year!


Merry Christmas!






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41 Responses to Merry Christmas from Mayor Dr. Quack!

  1. KSC says:

    Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating! Many wishes for a wonderful day to the whole Webkinz community. Thank you for all the joy you bring to my life!

  2. lefty says:

    Am I too late? I was planning to get a few Santakinz gifts for my friends, but things got crazy last night & I didn’t get back to the clubhouse. Can I find them somewhere? Thanks & Merry Christmas to all Webbies & Staff. This is the best place to hang out, love you all.

  3. KarenaJ says:

    Merry Christmas to the wonderful Webkinz community. You’re the best! Thanks for being great year round. :)

  4. bonesbongo says:

    GANZ thank you for all you do the keep Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next running. Just wanted to mention that when I received my Christmas Gift Box on WEBKINZ NEXT there was no Christmas Fruit Cake or a recipe card included that it was showing, I did not get a FREE Christmas Emoji included. In my Gift Box there were Diamonds x10, Toy Train Set and Xmas Amanda Panda Plushie. Thank you so much for giving us diamonds I now have enough diamonds to purchase a pet on sale. Some confusion when reading this article, players that have adopted the NEW Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub there is not a special room in the clubhouse where players will receive the Peppermint Carnation Cub Rug. TODAY ONLY players that have adopted the Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub can click for a FREE Peppermint Carnation Cub Rug in TODAYS ACTIVITIES.

  5. bonesbongo says:

    Thank you for another great year. There were so many things to do, great prizes to be won and fun challenges to complete, most important the friendships we have made. Looking forward to another great year! ~ shelkinz67

  6. bonesbongo says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! May the twinkling lights of Christmas fill your heart with hope, may Santa Claus bring you everything you wanted. May your year be be full of joy! Thank you Ganz and all the employees for all that you do, to keep this fun filled game available for us year after year. Happy Holidays and all the best in the new year. ~ shelkinz67

  7. zeusfist says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! I’m not seeing a special clubhouse room for the Peppermint Cub – and another post had the rug as a special gift for Peppermint Cub owners in activities. Is this a misprint? Thanks for all you do!

  8. otisbulldogmiddleton says:

    When will the Webkinz Classic App that the webkinz/Gamz team spent all that time and energy making sure that it was accessible for both IPhone and Android devices ever be updated? Do you think it will ever be updated? Please, someone (either Sally or Michael Webkinz) reassure me that it will. I know that some people go away on vacation around the holiday season sometimes and don’t have access to a computer. It seems to me that right now the new Webkinz Next App has sort of kind of taken over the majority of your attention as far as it’s being worked on and constantly updated; sadly, the Webkinz Classic IPhone and Android App seems to have fallen on the back burner it seems.

  9. threehounds says:

    babyreeree What’s your username, is it the same on here or different. Have a Merry Christmas.

  10. bananas4ryanna says:

    What room do we have to go in to find the Peppermint Carnation Cub? I can’t find it!

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