More Trick Or Treat Street Concept Drawings!


I wanted to thank everyone who left us feedback for the first set of Trick or Treat Street concept drawings. I read over each comment and was really impressed with your suggestions. There was a lot of focus on the Halloween homes, in particular, the colors and look & feel of each home. I really like how the concept drawing for the costume shop turned out (you’ll see it in this post). I think that we will model the homes to match the look and feel of the shop, but still keep the bright colors that were used for each one. This way, they will look less “haunted” but remain colorful and feel as though they belong in a charming neighborhood. In any case, I really like the suggestion of triggering a doorbell sound effect and having your pet say “Trick or treat!” when you click on each home.


Now, I’d like to share the concept drawings for the second half of the Trick or Treat room theme. Please leave your feedback in the comments section below. Tell us what you like or don’t like about each item or how you would make them better. Just like before, we will be reading each comment carefully and take all your suggestions into consideration:


Here’s another look at the bench that will be including in the theme. Don’t worry, “Halloween” will be spelled correctly on the final item:



Here is the costume shop I was referring to earlier. The shop will be 3 tiles in length, so there won’t be any gaps along your yard if you decide to add a door to the room:



The idea behind this tree is that it will change slightly when you rotate it. 3 of the rotations will feature unique Halloween decorations and the last one will simply be a plain, fall colored tree that could be used for any type of room design:



I really like how this white picket fence turned out. The expressions on each of the jack-o’-lanterns faces are priceless:



Finally, here’s a look at the novelty gravestone that you’ll be able to use to decorate your front lawns. Similar to the tree, this item will also change slightly when rotated in room:



How do you think this theme is coming along? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for your first look at the final items that will be modeled in 3D. I plan on showing the first half on Saturday, August 31st…


127 Responses to More Trick Or Treat Street Concept Drawings!

  1. Ilovehifive says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

  2. Eilish says:

    I voted for this theme, however with the changes you speak of, I think I’ll pass once again. I was very disappointed when I read of how pastel and common it will become. I like the costume shop, but it will go into my shopping mall rather than on a suburban street for trick or treaters.

  3. gendom says:

    Do you think that Free Members will be able to buy all the items? They are all simply aborable and I’d love to buy them all if I could.

    • SugarP says:

      I asked that too on the last concept drawings but I was ignored. Halloween is my fave holiday but I probably won’t be able to get another webkinz until next year. If it’s not for free players then I hope they at least keep the theme year-round and not just October, so that way next year I might be able to still get it.

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