Player Appreciation Day TODAY!

Remember to log into Webkinz today to get your Player Appreciation Gift for this month: a Book Stack Hat!

Your pets will look pretty smart heading back to school in this cute hat!


This item is not tradeable, sendable, or sellable. If you would like to add it to your Webkinz account, log in to (web only) on August 17 and visit Today’s Activities, which can be found in the Things To Do menu. Then click to collect your gift.


And remember, you can find many more awesome back-to-school items at Ganz eStore!


So fab. So fun.

28 Responses to Player Appreciation Day TODAY!

  1. Gramkins says:

    Wish I could give you mine !

  2. Ajoy65 says:

    Oops. Looks like I missed this cute hat. I was on holidays with my family and I didn’t have my laptop for 3 weeks. Had a great time at the cottage and beach though :)

  3. winzarwolf says:

    awwww i missed this one. maybe next time

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