More Webkinz Room Designs!


Hey guys, I’m excited to show you some more room designs… and when you’ve finished reading this post, don’t forget to vote for your favorite mayoral candidate right here on Webkinz Newz.


There are 24 designers featured in today’s post and they each have the chance to become a finalist for our next Room Design Awards. Take a look:

























Did you miss my last room design post? If so, you can see it here.


Congratulations to all the designers featured today. Don’t forget, anyone can email me their room designs for the chance to be featured in one of these room design posts. You can email your screenshots to


46 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. sparklez9 says:

    The garage band is really cool! And the teddy bear picnic and Christmas loft are very creative!

  2. RubyCubes says:

    Husky and Momskinz, your rooms are awesome! You must make a fortune with all those kinz cash machines, Husky! i thought i was lucky to have one! I love the other rooms too! When i first looked at the laundromat room, I saw a duck face. LOL. To me, that washer and dryer looks like a pair of eyes with eyebrows and the rug is its duck bill. :D

  3. RubyCubes says:

    Thank you for sharing my room design and for all the nice comments! I can’t take full credit for the loft idea though. Earlier this year, my friend’s Lama Lama room was featured with a similar design, which is what inspired me to create this room. Quite clever indeed! But credit for the brilliant idea goes to her!

  4. locococoapuff says:

    The loft room is super clever!

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