More Webkinz Room Designs!


Hey guys, I am back with 25 more room designs! The first 6 are actually inspired by this year’s mayoral election (congrats Sophie!). Players were able to collect campaign signs, plushies and hats in the park throughout November and you’ll see at lot of them in these first 6 designs.


I have also been getting a lot of Christmas room designs lately so you’ll see a few of them here along with some other creative designs, including two laundromats!


Congrats to everyone featured today! You all have the chance to become finalists for our next Room Design Awards:



























I hope you have been inspired by these designs. If you missed my last room design post you can see it HERE.


Feel free to send me your favorite Webkinz room designs for the chance to be featured in a room design post. You can email your screenshots to I always love to see new players sending in designs…


56 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. xxmeagan says:

    Awesome designs everyone! I really enjoyed The Debate Hall very cool idea! But everyone once again did a great job! Very creative players we got here in Webkinz World i must say!!

  2. WebkinzFanCEG says:

    Does anyone have extra items from the first Webkinz Christmas room theme, the Santakinz theme? I would like to use them in a Christmas room I’m creating.

  3. Lovemychipmunk says:

    anyone have any extra Christmas cabin room theme stuff. My username is lovemychipmunk

  4. KSC says:

    Wonderful job everyone!

  5. Nate4555 says:

    Sheldon’s Souvenir Shop and Ice Fishing are two of my favorites this week. Thanks for featuring my Outdoor Adventure room! Great job everyone and thanks for sharing!

  6. gromit says:

    Great job, Wallace365!! The whole town was backing up their favorite candidate. ☺

  7. Pineapple6 says:

    I love the creativity and thought processes of our talented designers! Congratulations to all. Special shout out to my favorite, A Berry Merry Christmas Party by Dash7500! Just beautiful!

    • Dash7500 says:

      Thank you Pineapple6 for your kind comments. Thank you Michael for including my room. Everyone has done such a fantastic job. Congratulations to all the designers!

  8. W5kinz says:

    whoa how on earth did Simply get all those washers for the laundromat? Are there eStore ones that I didn’t know of?

    • Simply says:

      Hi W5kinz! I obtained the red washing machines from the eStore. They are handy storage items. The white washing machines were the Deluxe Day prize just last month (November). Thanks for asking about them. Can’t wait to see your next room!

  9. mycatsnores says:

    Amazing as always! To HaleyJones1 and WoolySkittles – I love your rooms because – maybe you’re new? – you don’t have much in your rooms and nothing fancy or that cost a lot but you prove you can be so creative and love to share with everyone – and that’s the point! Yay! Good job all!

    • Spiderhulkman2 says:

      thanks mycatsnores. I am a full member, and don’t get on a whole lot, but love to decorate when I do. I didn’t know what to do with the campkinz water tile when I won it on a wheel until my family member (Spiderhulkman, not to be confused with MY login on here which is Spiderhulkman2) told me it could go inside…that added to the fact I just got Iceburg, my seal in the picture, I knew what to do! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  10. motherk says:

    Amazing rooms. Great job everyone.

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