More Webkinz Room Designs!


Hey guys, I hope that everyone had a great holiday! I’m excited to show you some great room designs in today’s post. It’s great to see several new players on the list:



















Congrats to everyone featured today! Remember, anyone can send me screenshots of their favorite Webkinz room designs. You can email them to me at You never know, you may one featured in my next room design post!


37 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. larzy says:

    Nice rooms everybody. The Christmas ones are very festive, even “Alice in Wonderland” has a red chessboard for the season. I’ve never seen it before, and I love it. The red roses and caterpillar are nice details, just like the different trees showcased in the townsquare in “Santa Parade”. Speaking of Santa, arriving for the photo shoot at the “Christmas Cafe” in his sleigh a perfect touch, & the set-up simple, but very cool. Awed by 3mitzy’s 3-D effect in “Four Seasons”. I really enjoy “Home for the Holidays” because it creates an indoor space out of regular items substituted for walls. Reminds me of the one that used fireplaces for castle walls. Maybe Webkinz can design some walls for outdoor rooms, like they did the rock pieces. As the Christmas bills come due, hopefully no one will end up at that long line in the “Employment Office”. Though the office is clean, organized, and the clerk appears friendly, I’d much rather spend my time at the stylish “Gail’s Barber Shop”. A new hairdo = look sharp, feel smart, especially when arriving for the super-sparkly “Birthday Girl Party”. Thanks for another great year, Webkinz. Wishing all a safe and happy New Year’s.

  2. 3mitzy says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my “Four Seasons” room! Congrats to all the other great room designs!

  3. Alphaowlbear says:

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing your rooms – I really can’t pick a favorite. The one that made me really laugh was the Employment Office by Sparky1109. The Giant Zangoz is in line because he needs a new job – LOL. Does he have any other marketable skills besides whacking Wacky?

  4. orangeiscool says:

    Could someone tell me where the black home with the big red bow in the Christmas Home design by LIZZY243P is from?

  5. gospottgo says:

    Survivor Webkinz is awesome! Great attention to detail and fun to see!

  6. zslayden says:

    i love the christmas cafe! I want to meet Santakinz and drink hot chocolate there

  7. Snickersnoodle says:

    Good job on all the rooms. I love the Christmas Cafe.

  8. Silverspear says:

    What happened to the frequent videos?

  9. greencar says:

    Room designs is still my favorite thing on Webkinz news!! So many creative players and the rooms are always so interesting to see and I think-WOW!!! why didn’t I think of that! Congratulations to everyone featured !

  10. Sparky1109 says:

    Thanks for including my design! I think my favorite of the bunch is the survivor room—I absolutely LOVE survivor and never would have thought to put together a room like this! Fantastic job!

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