More Webkinz Room Designs!


Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great day! I always love seeing new players sending in designs and I have several to showcase today. Thanks to everyone who sent in a room design. Feel free to send me screenshots of your favorite Webkinz rooms. You can email them to me at


As always, everyone featured today has the chance to become a finalist for our next Room Design Awards. Good luck!



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Congratulations to everyone featured today… You are all awesome room designers!


54 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. julieperkins says:

    what wonderful rooms all of you , good luck

  2. Bubblilious1 says:

    I enjoyed all the unique details and the variety of themes in these rooms. They were all stunning.

  3. locococoapuff says:

    I LOVE the queen’s garden and chef’s kitchen!

  4. cluesolover says:

    Such creative rooms! I love looking at the details in each one. Well done and congratulations, everyone!

  5. Liam13 says:

    Super rooms everyone. I love the Family and Friends Resort. The mansion and horseback riding is so creative and unique.

  6. Warden says:

    Wow, just WOW! Some awesome rooms! Because I cook, the Chef’s Kitchen by EmeraldCity gives me a lot of great ideas, especially because I love to mix themes, too! =D And then I saw the Sushi Bar by Shannon. It’s perfect, time and dedication really put into making that room special. And who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon at the Playground by ObvsaPrincess? Lots to do, and a place to sit for a snack. Excellent layout! =D Well done to all the finalists!

  7. trixypixy200 says:

    Oh gosh!! I used to love this game as a child, and recently a friend and I came back to it (we’re both teens now), I can’t believe my fairy garden was shown! One of my true childhood dreams <3 Although I do feel sad, I sent the wrong file, there's a finished version that looks much more detailed..oh well, this simply made my day today! :) (This is my backup acc for Trixypixy100 ^-^)

  8. TripleGFarms says:

    hey can someone tell me how to get the flooring on the tree top garden?

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