More Webkinz Room Designs!


I am excited to show you another round of room designs. It’s really nice to see some new names in the group. If you’ve never sent in a room design I encourage you to do so. You email a screenshot of your room to Everyone featured in one of my room design posts has the chance to become a finalist for the next Room Design Awards… Good luck!



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Congratulations to everyone featured today. You are all excellent room designers and I am sure you sure have inspired many players to take their rooms to the next level!


40 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. kimmiesan49 says:

    Great job on these rooms! I love the elegant and casual simplicity of some of the rooms, and then others are so creatively elaborate! Wow! I am amazed at how creative our Webkinz community is!!

  2. unicornbrianna says:

    i am doing on 9/21/19

  3. KSC says:

    I love these room designs! There are so many that look so peaceful and would be wonderful places to hang out, particularly Kaelyn’s Gazebo, Narnianheart’s Fairy Island Getaway and Kerirawr’s Aqua Zen Spa. I also love the drive-in movie room, Lindy 456! Glad to see more Wacky bumper car rooms too! DM2380 and Roxy616, you guys did an awesome job with your Wacky Birthday Party and Zingoz Zangoz rooms! Webkinzwizard02, your Fun on the Boardwalk room would be a fantastic place to spend a summer vacation.

    • Roxy616 says:

      Thanks so much, KSC…I had lots of fun creating it! I think everyone did a phenomenal job with their room designs, too, and especially love the peaceful seclusion of Narnianheart’s lovely Fairy Island Getaway!

  4. Sollace says:

    So creative and great job everyone! I also love the creativity of the ‘Drive in Movie’ — I would’ve never thought of that type of ‘room’ but you got it all together! There’s even a play area for the toddlers there in that turtle off to the side.

  5. 73kibarry says:

    It’s the Pineapple wallpaper

  6. Roxy616 says:

    Congratulations to my friend, Kibarry73…Absolutely LOVE your adorable Pineapple Beach House! Fantastic job!!!

  7. Roxy616 says:

    So excited to be featured!!! Really love everyone’s designs and the amazing creativity that went into them…the Fairy Island Getaway, Relaxing Party Place, and Backyard Oasis are especially stunning, and absolutely adore the Pineapple Beach House and Gazebo!!!

  8. tinkerbellparty says:

    I love the drive-in movie room! So creative!

  9. OliviaGraceParra says:

    Fun on the Boardwalk looks amazing! I love those Florida trips.

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