More Webkinz Room Designs!


I am excited to show you 26 more room designs today including a Kinzwood Movie Lot, Valley in the Mountains and Slumber Party Room.


We will be announcing the finalists for our next Room Design Awards on March 8th, so let me know if you think anyone from today’s group deserves to be nominated:



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Do you want the chance to become a Room Design Awards finalist? Send me screenshots of some of your favorite rooms! You can e-mail them to… Good luck!


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  1. Elenios says:

    Could someone please tell me what the wallpaper(‘s name) is in Lemony’s Scrambled trophy egg room?! I’ve been trying to ‘redo’/renew my pets’ room for the last 2-3 weeks now, though only got around looking at wallpapers in the last 4-5 days, but I simply can’t find anything that would work with what (little) I have and something that I like too… :( None of the wallpapers that you can buy with kinzcash seem to work (even though -silly me- I bought about 7 new wallpapers just to prove myself wrong, but ended up proving myself right instead -and it came at -literally- a huge cost too, ’cause I have very little kinzcash and now I’ve wasted it on wallpapers that I can’t do anything with -even though I tried to make the most considerate and well-thought-of choices)… :( And those few in the Wshop that I actually liked and think would work too are all for eStore points which I don’t have (only the ‘one-time’ amount, or whatever it was called) and I can’t afford to waste that on a wallpaper (not even mentioning that it wouldn’t even cover about half of the wallpapers available).. I’m really desperate now -I’ve checked Over a Hundred room designs to see if I can make do with one that is for KC, but I simply can’t find one that I could imagine working -and I’m gonna have to stare at whatever I end up with for the next… I don’t know how long.. :( I’d really like something colorful and cheerful, but ‘modest’ -some colorful patterned wallpaper (-cause the “beach.. daisies…farm” etc. ‘painted’ ones absolutely don’t work; they basically can’t be decorated and I find them quite childish too, which I’ve just realized..).. Some nice, multicolored but still ‘moderate’ pattern would be the best (I have two girls and a boy in the same room), but I simply couldn’t find Anything that looks at least okay, could be decorated and would go with what I have too (let alone, available for kinzcash).. :(( And I’ve been looking at designs for days now and dozens and dozens of them too.. and so far I only saw a handful that would even come close to what I’ve imagined and that I may be able to afford as well.. -Hence the question; because I really like the wallpaper in Lemony’s room, but I’m not sure where to get it and if it’s for KC or eStore points… So -I apologize for the long comment, but that’s what I would really like to find out and, of course, if You guys have any ideas that could help, I would really appreciate it as well if you’d share it with me! :) I’m open to any suggestions and help you could give me, cause I’m really quite desperate and clueless at this point… Thanks in advance for your help! <3

  2. memethyst says:

    so many of these are absolutely amazing <3

  3. grannybubbles says:

    i really like Swan lake as mt first choice. Night nook is also pretty neat.


    I have tried over the years submitting pictures of some of my rooms, glad one made it. Thanks!

  5. StrwberyBananaKittie says:

    psst Micheal… what’s your (Webkinz) username (((you should totally add me if your list isn’t full… same username as here!)))

  6. nataliekathy13 says:

    These are all so cool!

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