More Webkinz Room Designs!


The Webkinz Room Design Awards are only a few weeks away and today’s room designers each have a chance to become a finalist! Stay tuned… we will be announcing the finalists on September 14. Good luck!




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If you have a Webkinz room design that you’d like to share, email it to for the chance to be featured on Webkinz Newz!


26 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    The Beaver Pond looks so cute, but the Fireworks Night is so pretty!

  2. aidcon81 says:

    Great rooms by everyone. I really like Lakeside Living by my friend Bluerayne

  3. sillysaple says:

    I can’t believe my room got featured!! tysm:D the bloomin theme has always been one of my favorites!!

  4. KimAA1214 says:

    These are all amazing rooms! I especially like Fireworks night! What wallpaper did you use?

  5. ILoveMice2 says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my Beaver Pond and I am honored to be among these amazing rooms. I know it is hard to see but hidden in the cozy log hideaway (left of bottom center) is a little grey vole also known as a meadow mouse. He would have come out but he was a just a little shy.

  6. blurayne says:

    Thank you for featuring my room! Great rooms everyone; I will definitely be borrowing some of these ideas.

  7. 2SkyesMom says:

    I love how Night in the City used the shrubs and trees and tiles and street lamps to create a lovely outdoor area. Super well done! And Halloween Town is fabulous!

  8. iPuppy says:

    Wow! Really creative room designs! Thanks for sharing everyone!!!

  9. intoodeep says:

    All of these room designs are fabulous. I bought the Attic wallpaper and paired it with Majestic flooring. The Attic is so awesome looking with lots of details and the lighting is just amazing. The Webkinz artists continue to impress me with their wonderful designs, great creativity and attention to detail!

  10. TobyAndMia2020 says:

    The Tulip Garden is nice

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