Movie Showcase (#OneWebkinzWorld Edition): Meet Bella


In today’s edition of Movie Showcase, we’re putting a special spotlight on #OneWebkinzWorld! Did you know that you can also earn Points toward the community’s goal of unlocking rewards by uploading videos of your pets to YouTube before July 31? Just add #OneWebkinzWorld in the title! Don’t forget to Like any videos that the official Webkinz YouTube account adds to their #OneWebkinzWorld playlist to earn extra Points, too.


In this video, we meet the adorable Bella, a favorite pet of YouTuber Christina. What a sweetie!



Love making Webkinz videos like short films, music videos, how-to’s and more? Leave us a link in the comment section and who knows, maybe yours will be featured one day!



17 Responses to Movie Showcase (#OneWebkinzWorld Edition): Meet Bella

  1. nitelite says:

    How do I know if Iam playing and being counted.I don’t get to put my pet up but iam trying to be included. I am soo confused.

  2. prettydresses says:

    Hi me and my friends just created a YouTube account the other day and we have a couple of videos that we would like to get some views on! It would be awesome if you checked out our channel. It’s called KinzLuvers Club and it should be the first one that comes up. Thanks so much!

  3. eastercat12345 says:

    Hey ganz I have a video up on Doglove Webkinz channel on youtube please check it out

  4. fisher420wk says:

    what pet is bella?

  5. hafarm2013 says:

    I mean Christina. Good job, Christina.

  6. littlefoot2014 says:

    you go bella

  7. braybeast says:

    I loved Bella’s video beastybray

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