Movie Showcase: Unboxing of Two Pets!


Hey movie lovers! Have you heard of “unboxing” videos on YouTube? They’re super cute videos of fans seeing their new pets for the first time! Here’s an adorable one from YouTuber TheCaramelKinz1857.



Have you ever considered doing an unboxing video? If you’ve made one, let us know where to find it in the comment section!



44 Responses to Movie Showcase: Unboxing of Two Pets!

  1. frozenanna2 says:

    i think that is super cute!!!! and is she still playing webkinz? cause i want to be friends with her my username is frozenanna2 and i just bought a webkinz blue jay bird and i’m so exsited!!!! i’m always happy for a new webkinz! also is her username thecaramelkinz1857? or is she just not playing anymore?

  2. gbjockey says:

    Webkinz I would like you to know so this so that you can fix it, there is an autoplay at the end of this video.

  3. ILoveWebkinz12345678910 says:

    I have the Cougar and I named her Rose ;)

  4. superdoglover465 says:

    how do u upload a video:) plz tell me

  5. sally3316 says:

    wow! the video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

  6. Webkinz4321 says:

    So Cute!!!! and the lab does look like the most hilarious position in the package!

  7. Webkinzdaisy says:

    Can you please feature my series webkinz popular episode one please it would mean a lot I worked so hard my YT is

  8. adara917 says:

    glad she got webkinz signatures! i love those and have an endangered dama gazelle that i also ordered! they are really cute and i love how webkinz has a realistic line! i think i would be happier than her, though! i also take a lot of time 2 think of a names 4 my webkinz. great video 2 show off ur pets!

  9. Br0cktree says:

    I so want to get the signature Portuguese Water Dog! It’s a nice price on amazon… -BT

  10. Madukayil says:

    I think this is very adorable. :)

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