Movie Showcase: Webkinz House Tour


Webkinz players are always coming up with cool ways to show off their room designs! Check out YouTuber pinky997′s great video montage of her rooms, featuring her adorable Googles!



How do you love sharing your room designs? Maybe you’ve submitted yours to Michael Webkinz or maybe you love posting them online! If you have, share them in the comments below!


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57 Responses to Movie Showcase: Webkinz House Tour

  1. Leopardlover108 says:

    I know you have probably already heard this from many other members of the community, and I noticed your comment on the video, but could you feature a video by pooflyn? She was a beautiful, kind, amazing, kinztuber, who passed away in December last year….. A video by her featured would be a wonderful way to remember her life.. :( -Caramel

  2. PIPER65PH says:

    Ganz, I met this panda named Ama in the trading room. She promised me ( and I mean PROMISED, I made her promise!!!) 10 000 estore points in exchange for a psi and a exclusive. A really nice psi, too! She gave me a coupon and we traded. She didn’t even friend me, she just left! I have not seen her since, and I am really mad at her! I don’t know her username or anything, but can you please check out this problem? Thanks, Piper65PH.

  3. SpicyKinzxo says:

    It would mean a to. If you posted this: It’s all of my best memories from 2014 on my KinzTube. Yeah it’s a bit late for 2014 stuff but it’s not late enough ;)

  4. admral says:

    wow!!!!!! I wish I could do THAT!!!!!!!!

  5. Bubblilious1 says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video. You did a nice job, it was a bit funny and your a great decorator too.

  6. kittypoo says:

    ^^ I realized my comment was somehow messed up or something, I meant to say I just made a new Valentines video to I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots for You ^^

  7. Polargummy says:

    I’m so jealous! I can barley design a room :c

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