Narwhal Winners

Congratulations to¬†BlueVulcan, mylittlejem, Frenchtoast0, 10yrslater, and lilbarncat! They’ve each been sent an Adoption Code for a virtual Narwhal, December’s Pet of the Month!


Adopt the Narwhal any time in December to get a Pet of the Month loot bag, filled with prizes and a special gift you choose yourself.


Have you heard of our virtual Pet of the Month Club? Get 12 Adoption Codes (1 each month) delivered right to your email!

39 Responses to Narwhal Winners

  1. TobyAndMia2020 says:

    I am never gonna win :(

  2. tjequine says:

    Sadly, I have NOT been able to play ANY of the POTM extra games. It keeps saying I need to purchase it. I already have. Absolutely wrong!

  3. Webkinzrocks13 says:

    Congrats everyone! P.S, I just got a new account on Webkinz today bc I wanted to see how Webkinz was going when I was gone from my old account, can someone add me? I’m lonely on it, user is LottieandJack.

    • cove17 says:

      If you still want friends, I will friend you as soon as I can get the desktop app. My username is Egkamas. I would send you a friend request, but that seems to not be working for some reason, and everything I’ve tried doesn’t work. As soon as I get it working again, I’ll send a friend request if you haven’t.

  4. carn980 says:

    Looks like a very cute little pet , congratulations to the winners

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