NEW Halloween Mystery Capsule

A boooootiful collection of indoor and outdoor items!

The Halloween Mystery Capsule is now available in the W Shop in Webkinz Next. Purchase a mystery capsule for thirty diamonds, place it in your room, click it and you will collect one of ten Halloween-themed mystery items.

Collect an entire set of Wicked Halloween furniture and four exclusive spooky plants!

Plants can be placed indoor or outdoors.
These items are exclusive to Webkinz Next and they can only be collected for a limited time. Don’t miss them!
Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



30 Responses to NEW Halloween Mystery Capsule

  1. Yucky1 says:

    I am being disconnected from the Next game every 5 minutes while playing, I have to log in again each time. This happens on 2 sites. I have emptied the cache. I do not have this issue playing Classic or any thing else on my computer. Would like to know where I can get some help with the issue. Thanks!

  2. asusier1 says:

    Does anyone know if Halloween costumes will be available for purchase on Next this year?

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