New in Next: Trading!


Trading is now live in Webkinz Next!



Players can now trade extra prizes and duplicate items with any other user anywhere in Kinzville other than the arcade. You can even trade with your friend in your own home!


To begin, click on the binder beside your pet. Drag the items you’d like to trade into the binder.



There are 36 slots for items. You can change the items in your binder at any time, including while trading.


Other players can look through your items either during a trade or through the Friends’ List.


Note that at this time Gifts, Currencies, Pet Effects, Materials and Competition Crops cannot be traded.


To begin a trade, click on another player, and tap Trade. This will send the player an invitation to trade. If they agree, you will both enter trading mode. Here you can look at each other’s binders, chat about the items you’re looking for, and make a deal.



All trades in Webkinz Next are one item for one item and the trade must be fair.


We have color-coded the items according to their value categories. There are 12 Value categories:



Both players must agree to any trade. You can use Chat and Emojis to work out the deal that you’re happy with. When the trade is air, tap Make Trade and a confirmation screen will appear. Both players must then press Complete Trade to have the trade go through. Remember that once a trade has gone through, it can’t be reversed.



For those players uninterested in trading, we’ve added the ability to turn off trading in the Options panel. Simply uncheck “Allow Trading” and the binder will be removed from your UI and players won’t be able to send you trade requests. You can turn on and off this feature at any time.



Like trading but just busy? You can put a pause on receiving trade requests by checking “Pause Trading” on the request reply. You then won’t receive any more requests until the next time you log in.


We are very excited to bring this fun new feature to Webkinz Next and we hope you love it too.




Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Download Webkinz Next


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33 Responses to New in Next: Trading!

  1. Msamommy says:

    My .02 cents – for what it’s worth. 1. We should be able to trade for any value. If we want to give away something more valuable to ‘get rid of it’, we should be able to! The items show their value, so no one will get an item of less value unless they WANT to trade for it. 2. When trading, and both put up items of different values and you go to change an item to match, they’re gone already. SO frustrating. No one has patience these days. 3. WHY can’t we just sell whatever we want for cash??? I will never understand the demand webkinz makes on us to keep items we don’t want, in both classic and next! If we don’t want them in our home, they just clog up our dock. Kind of silly to have that rule if you ask me!

  2. catgirl3004 says:

    i definitely think something needs to be done about the fairness function. i think it’s great to have *something* in place, because people can so take advantage of others! but i also think that there needs to be a way to override, like a button that confirms the user know it’s an unfair trade and would like to go forward with it anyway.

  3. gumball88 says:

    Trading is nice, but something definitely needs to be tweaked so trades don’t have to be so restrictive. Fair is a good idea but to trade exact for exact is so limiting, especially since there are so many categories. Maybe some sort of compromise. I’d be fine with just the warning and you have to click “trade anyway,” or something like that.

    • BeezKneez says:

      Yes, I agree with your opinion. For example, I have the OOh La La Chair that was a prize from an earlier season. I don’t care for that theme and since it can’t be sold, I can only trade it. Since it’s worth diamonds, I can only trade it for something else worth diamonds. To me, the chair has little value because I don’t want it and would gladly trade it for lesser item that I missed getting.

  4. Flower88910 says:

    I cant seem to remove items from my trading binder

  5. bocquet says:

    I do not like items you ride in. They have no value to me. With this trading system I am stuck trading for items I do not want. If I want to trade it for a lower value item I wish I could. Most player I believe in this game are over 18 because of the money it cost to play by always getting new pets to spark babies.

    • kaye10 says:

      hi to all–i totally agree with bocquet. i spent (too much-wink ;) time yesterday in NEXT trades. it was great getting the pirate red bandana which i had tried so hard for. unfortunately, i will never be able to rid my account of the superfluous multiple items i have acquired which cannot be sold. i am willing to make an “unfair” trade if it is to my detriment and i am ok with it so that i may get rid of things i do not want. we should be able to decide if a trade is FAIR TO US, right? best, k.

      • KarenaJ says:

        I would definitely be willing to make an “unfair” trade as well in order to get rid of stuff although I have a feeling I’m still going to be stuck with stuff I don’t want and can’t sell.

        • KarenaJ says:

          I’ll never understand why certain things aren’t able to be sold back to the WShop. Even common WShop items like the beach house theme. Or extra prizes from events. Why?!?!

  6. InTheGarden2010 says:

    Nyone have overgrown archway!?? I really want it! I’m frommo or cookieprairiestar0 btw the trading is AWESOME!

  7. duff428 says:

    Trading is fun! Thanks!

  8. Aritsticat says:

    Oh my GOSH! I was just wondering not even 2 days ago on when trading would be added and figured it wouldn’t be for a while longer. I’m so excited! I was wondering what to do with all of my extra event items I don’t need.

  9. Zooooooz says:

    I have made several successful trades :) It’s fun to see items in trading binders that I’ve not seen before, which has inspired me to do a bit of decorating! Though it is time consuming when a trader hasn’t any similar-valued items to mine — there is simply nothing to trade!

  10. Puppy789 says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Trading!! Thank you Webkinz for adding this!!! Yaaaaaay!!

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