New Items in the Arcade Shop!


We’ve added a brand-new batch of items to the Arcade Shop in Webkinz Next. Now you can decorate your home with memorabilia from your favorite games!


Look for the arcade shop on the left hand side of the Webkinz Next Arcade.



Use your tickets to purchase from a variety items.



Collect awesome memorabilia for your home including Diner Dash Wallpaper and Flooring and Stools plus a sweet Cake It Up Table and more!



Which item are you super excited to collect first?




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8 Responses to New Items in the Arcade Shop!

  1. megamom12 says:

    I found them and immediately bought many of them.

  2. KSC says:

    Great new items! Thank you for adding to the prize pool. That Cake It Up table makes me crave cake! XD. Same when I play the game. In particular, I crave a piece of that frosted Lemony Turmeric cake that the Classic turmeric plant dispenses. Every time I collect one of those pieces of cake, I just sit there and think about cake!

  3. DashietheCloudSheep says:

    this really makes me want to spend my tickets more because some of these items are so cute thanks

  4. jeanie45 says:

    I just adore the wallpaper. I bought a few of them. The floor didn’t really match so I didn’t get that. Thanks for adding new items. How about doing the same for the Fortune Teller?

  5. Ailuropoda says:

    Can any of these be sent back to Classic?

  6. Sonari says:

    I love the new items, especially the berry basket and jar. Ever since seasons started I don’t tend to buy anything with tickets just in case getting something is one the tasks set for the season (I don’t typically have a wealth of tickets) but I did splurge on the basket. Very cute!

  7. BeezKneez says:

    Thank you for all the new items, but why, oh why did you have to raise the price of the red Dripping W T-shirt from just 20 tickets to 75 tickets?? I used to get the shirts and sell them at the Wshop for $25 – it was a nice little money maker and it just got made more difficult to raise a little extra cash.

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