New Plush Yorkie featuring two BONUS Prizes!



Get a Bonus Adoption Gift in Next!


Tea-morrow is the big day! The plush Teacup Yorkie arrives at Ganz eStore on November 9, 2023!


This adorable plush pet comes with two codes for virtual avatars, one in Classic and one in Next! And the Next version was updated thanks to feedback from our players!


And here’s the tea: If you use your Webkinz Next Teacup Yorkie Code to adopt a virtual Teacup Yorkie in Webkinz Next AND open up your Teacup Yorkie Giftbox BY DECEMBER 10, 2023, the giftbox will include a fabulous High Tea Hat! There will be more details about how Classic users can collect a High Tea Hat coming soon.



PLEASE NOTE: In Webkinz Next you must open your Teacup Yorkie’s giftbox by December 10 in order to receive your High Tea Hat. After December 10, the Hat will no longer be a part of the Teacup Yorkie Giftbox.


Get a Bonus Sparking Gift in Next!


And baby, are we excited about our other bonus Teacup Yorkie prize!


If you adopt a Teacup Yorkie and spark a baby with it BY DECEMBER 10, 2023, you will receive an adorable Teacup Stroller! This sweet stroller is exclusive to babies sparked using a Teacup Yorkie!


Please note: you can receive a Teacup Stroller once, the first time you spark with a Teacup Yorkie.



Both of these bonus prizes are available only until December 10 so be sure to purchase your Teacup Yorkie plush early, then adopt your Next pet and spark an adorable Next baby to earn your rewards!


18 Responses to New Plush Yorkie featuring two BONUS Prizes!

  1. booreeves says:

    When is the teacup Yorkie going to be on Webkinz Next?

  2. booreeves says:

    Wow! The teacup Yorkie stuff is so cool and now after I saw the hat and the stroller and now I’m thinking of getting a Teacup Yorkie and the avatar is a lot better thank you for fixing the avatar.

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