New Search Your Dock Feature in Webkinz Next

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Earlier this year, we added a search and organize feature to the dock in Webkinz Next.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the new Search Your Dock feature?
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71 Responses to New Search Your Dock Feature in Webkinz Next

  1. weatherill says:

    please had this feature to classic

  2. weatherill says:

    would love if classic have this feature

  3. alucard says:

    Having read all the comments here about Classic not getting the Dock feature, and being a Classic only player, I understand that we, Classic players, will NEVER get the cool things that Webkinz Next will get. And, yes…I think we all understand the reasons why…but it doesn’t make the feeling of ‘being left behind’ any easier to deal with. Of course, “It is what it is”, and we must learn to live with it. I am glad there are players who are enjoying playing on both Classic and Next. I have honestly tired to like Next, and occasionally I do go to my only Next account to make the Fall windows that we can send back to our Classic account, but other than that, I don’t play on Next. It’s hard to read about all the new and cool things that Next is getting that we all use to want for Classic. I’m sorry if my comments offend and upset players and admin people.

    • flyinghorse3 says:

      I completely agree with this. It hurts sometimes for me at least to see all the cool things Next is getting when Classic barely gets any new things.

      • granpa4 says:

        I agree with both of you. I wish classic would get more of the new things that next gets. I understand why deluxe gets more stuff because people are paying for those things. Classic just feels like we are being left out A LOT.

  4. rachelgirl193 says:

    I love the feature. I used to have problems when pets asked “Please decorate the house with….” and then I could not find it. Now I have the same problem with the W Shop. Often the pets request something from the W Shop, and I can’t find it. Any chance you can add the search there as well?

  5. nickelcat2 says:

    I wish the alphabetical sort feature allowed you to jump to the letter you were looking for. So if I wanted to find an item that began with N (basically in the middle from both the beginning and the end), you could jump straight to N rather go from A to N or Z to N.

  6. 2009yay says:

    pleeeease add this to classic!

  7. asancken says:

    I love this feature! It makes it so easy and quick to fulfill a pet request.

  8. kalcan8 says:

    The dock search feature is awesome! Ever since you rolled it out, I use it every time my pet asks me to use a specific item to decorate my home. No more scrolling to find the item! I agree with the other comments that this feature is desperately needed in Classic. If you didn’t give us so many wonderful things, we wouldn’t have such overstuffed docks. I’m not complaining that you spoil us (please don’t stop!), it’s just the reason why I can’t scroll all the way to the end of my furniture in Classic before disappointing my pet because I couldn’t fulfill their request in time. For the record, I am trying to stay organized in Next so it doesn’t get as overwhelming as my cluttered Classic account. I actually have one whole property dedicated to storage – with a room for beds, one for seats, one for tables, etc. After 10 years on Classic, it has reached a critical state. I think I need to call Marie Kondo, but I doubt she will declutter my virtual home. :-/

  9. claran says:

    it’s SO GOOD <3

  10. bunnychan says:

    I’d love if this was on classic instead, we’ve been waiting for SO LONG for this kind of feature to be implemented on classic, only for it to be on next… :(

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