NEW Search Your Dock in Webkinz Next!

Organize your items and find them easily with this new tool!

A new feature in Webkinz Next allows users to search and organize their dock.

To begin, click the three dots in the corner of your dock. Select the Magnifying Glass to open a search bar.

Type the name of an item, category or theme and the dock will aggregate options. You can also use the feature to sort your dock.

Use the AZ button to sort your items alphabetically.

Use the ZA button to sort your items in reverse-alphabetical order.


Use the bar graph button to sort items by quantity.

Use the clock button to search newest-to-oldest.
To hide your dock, click the arrow button on the bottom-left.

What do you think of the Search My Dock feature? Please leave your questions and comments in the comments section.

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



55 Responses to NEW Search Your Dock in Webkinz Next!

  1. acciopadfoot says:

    We desperately need this for Classic!

  2. 1108nan says:

    Great!! Read my mind:)

  3. Msamommy says:

    Oh my goodness, I SO wish this could happen on Classic!!! My doc is so full it’s insane, and it takes forever to find things. I get part of the way through the dock and it jumps back to the start….very frustrating!!!

  4. cuttepie1 says:

    Can we get this on classic webkinz please it take forever to find thing if you have been playing a long time

  5. constanceclume says:

    LOVE this! I’ve already used this new feature, and it makes finding particular items so much easier. Thank you!

  6. choover143 says:

    Yay!! I love this. Now I want to search the Wshop. There have been so many times when my pet asks me for something and I can’t find it anywhere. This is so great. I love this!!

  7. richgold98 says:

    when is this coming to classic?

  8. zootzoot says:

    this is wonderful! now please make it for classic webkinz

  9. flumeride says:

    Can we get this feature added to Classic too somehow? It would be extremely useful especially in the Trading room so I don’t have to scroll through tons and tons of items and take forever just to find a couple things someone is looking for.

    • charlestonian says:

      exactly ! I simply dont trade because of this. Those of us who have played webkinz 10 years plus, have a lot of money invested in this . We have non-working items; disappeared wonderful features; and actions promised thru nuts and bolts to be fixed that have never been addressed. For webkinz next to even be in existence, while players on classic, have been waiting 10 years is unconscionable. We players have been needing and asking for this feature for a long while, and are in greater need than players on next. What say you

  10. rachelgirl192 says:

    yay, this is so great, I have to try it out. I always struggle when my pet says “please decorate your home with….” and then I search decorations, and then furniture, and it always takes ages….

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