New Winter Clothing Line in Webkinz Next!

Coming later this January!

Brrrrrace yourselves! A new line of winter clothing is going to be added to the W Shop later this month.

Collect 9 items:

  • Ocean Wave Sweater
  • Camo Puffer Jacket
  • Laced Winter Boots
  • Icy Wristwarmer
  • Icy Neckwarmer
  • Blue Wool Jacket
  • Icy Slouch Hat
  • Winter Plaid Skirt
  • Textured Knit Hat


Which item is your favorite?
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39 Responses to New Winter Clothing Line in Webkinz Next!

  1. aml321 says:

    So cute! I was wondering when the winter fashions would come out. Maybe in the future we could have Christmas themed fashions earlier in the season?

  2. ellen1970 says:

    oh I love the new clothes so cute

  3. sunnypinksky says:

    The neck and wrist warmers are my favorite but I love all the new clothes! Speaking of clothes, are there items that are more “rare” in the mystery capsules? I feel like I keep getting a ton of clothes and rugs. I’ve opened 13 of the merry mistletoe capsules, and 7 of my prizes were clothing items (including 4 pairs of shoes) and 3 were rugs. So I was just wondering if the higher prized items are actually more rare? Thanks to anyone who might be able to answer this or share similar experiences.

  4. ZadiraMM says:

    So cute! I was just today wondering if more blue could arrive to match the little animated cyan hat. I think this might work!!

  5. lemony says:

    so “cool” , great designs.

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