Now Available: Plush Cocker Spaniel!


Adopt a Cocker Spaniel in Classic and Next!


It’s paw-sitively fur-bulous!


The plush Cocker Spaniel is now available at Ganz eStore and in the Webkinz Next W Shop.

Each plush comes with two pet codes, one code for Webkinz Classic and one code for Webkinz Next.

That means, you can adopt an adorable cocker spaniel in both games!



Each Cocker Spaniel comes with a Stone Spaniel Gazebo (PSI) and a platter of Beefy Gumdrops (PSF).




Also, in Webkinz Next, each Cocker Spaniel comes with three sparks. That’s three chances to spark an adorable Cocker Spaniel baby.





Visit Ganz eStore to adopt your Cocker Spaniel today!


33 Responses to Now Available: Plush Cocker Spaniel!

  1. Tru1 says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the bad gateways! I am so tired of getting 4 pop ups to then only get bad gateways and having to start over!!! I know that others are also complaining about this issue and I have tried to be patient but it is getting worse every day! Thank you!

  2. genren1 says:

    This is sooooo cute!

  3. robinroyal says:

    I love this dog. I may just have to start a Next account. I hate the idea of spending the money and wasting a code.

  4. Whatusername4 says:

    I just got this one and named it Mr. Fluff!

  5. Puppy789 says:

    I just love this pet! I just got one question. I think super beds are in webkinz next. if they are how many pets do you have to have to get a super bed?

  6. Funny283 says:

    Funny baby if I spark the free orange tabby and this cocker spaniel xD

  7. megamom12 says:

    So pretty.

  8. EgK says:

    Wow, this pet is adorable! Imagine the babies!

  9. bonesbongo says:

    This pet is so adorable, I need it!

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